for those who own COURIERS....

  1. I LOVE this bag, but it is sooo big - when do you use it. I have a 3 month old, so I was thinking of using it for all of her stuff (like a diaper bag I guess) - so not into the LV, Gucci, or Prada diaper bags) - WDYT????
  2. I don't have a Courier...I thought I'd love it when I saw the pictures, but when I tried it on in Barneys, even the SA said she could fit me into the bag! It is so big!

    But if I had it, I'd use it for travel. Using it for your baby sounds fun too! Think about the great memories the child would have if you told her, "When you were young, Mommy carried your stuff in a BALENCIAGA." Designer child, designer memories.

  3. If I had kids, I would definitely use a courier. You will be the most fashionable mommy.:yes:
  4. i'm only 5'2 & i :heart: the courier & bought mine to use for one day when i'm lucky enough to become a momma myself :tender:
  5. I bought the courier in emerald but I returned it because it was just too big (I'm 5'2"). I loved the color but my DH really hated it on me so I had to return it.
  6. I have tried it on the at two different stores and it is huge. The SAs said as much too. Maybe as a diaper bag it would work but I still think it may be too big. It is twice the width of the day/hobo and the same height.
  7. I have 2 kids and use it and get compliments daily, even from their teachers:wlae: I have 10 year olds so color isn't that important but with a 3 month old you may want a darker color.
  8. The courier is perfect for travel! Especially since you can carry it across your body and on the shoulder. It is huge, you can easily fit enough things in it for a weekend would make a very trendy baby bag too!
  9. Nah ... it's not too big :lol: ... have you seen the XL Courier .. NOW THAT'S BIG!!! :roflmfao:

    These pictures are from CultStatus in Australia (an authorized retailer) - check out the differences!!! The first picture is the XL Courier, the second picture is a comparison of the two bags!!

    Mind you ... I'm 5'10" in stocking feet, so these bags aren't too big for me ... however, I do think that they might be a tad too big for the petite gals (just my opinion!).
    xCourier.jpg CourierCompare.jpg
  10. I agree with Ceejay, I am also 5' 10 1/2" so it is a great everyday bag for me! But with the wider strap and size of the bag, might be too much bag for the petite girls!
  11. thanks ladies - I am 5'9" so I don't think its too big - I tried it on in Barney's - I just didn't like their color selection!!!
  12. I have the emerald courier and have never used it for the same reason. I am 5'3" and it is just soooo big. I think I like my city and twiggy better. They are a better size for me. I was actually thinking of selling my courier.
  13. Would you all say that the courier is like the day bag with a different strap so you can put it across your body?
  14. You can definately carry it across your body as a messenger. I think it is better that way than on your shoulder. On your shoulder it is really long.
  15. If you want something that's about the size of the day bag but with a different, longer, adjustable strap, I think you could get the messenger style (it's also called men's day). The courier is larger/wider than the day style.