for those who own an MC white alma..

  1. how much does it hold? can it be used as an everyday bag? i just bought one from authentic_lvlady, and Im waiting for it to arrive... geeeez! it cost $1700+++ here in manila... :cursing:
  2. It will hold a ton! congrat's on your purchase.
  3. I have a mono alma and it holds a LOT!! I even carried a bottle of children's motrin (liquid) around in it the other weekend in addition to all my other stuff.
  4. I carried mine to Dave & Buster's, which is a bar/arcade. The kids won all kinds of stuffed animals and they all fit into my white mc alma. I love it. I think it's a little bigger than the damier alma. You will love it. But I don't use it everyday. It's an attention grabbing bag. It will definitely get you noticed. I used it a lot this summer, but am using damier for winter. Congratulations!
  5. Yes! It can be used as an everyday bag and it fits a ton. The Alma is one of my most versatile bags...I had to have them both in black and white MC :yes:
  6. It holds a lot!! I have the black MC and it's basically my everyday bag. I love the shape too as the bottom is nice and wide so that papers and other flat things can be placed on the bottom and the rest can sit on top. I can also fit a cardigan in it and leave the zipper open. All in all a very versatile bag!!
  7. Yes! It fits SO's like the deceives you into thinking it won't hold a lot, then when you carry it, you just keep piling in the stuff lol.
  8. hey thanks everyone.. im soo excited now! :smile:... the mc alma in black is also cute....
  9. It's a great bag - you'll love it.
    And yes, you can fit heaps in it.
  10. It fits a ton!! Thanks for the pic Taco!