For those who order from London Chanel Boutiques...

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  1. Here's a piece of news I got from my SA in Sloane Street London. They had a meeting today about international orders. Apparently, everybody is phone ordering from London and they are running out of stock to sell to the local people. The SA told me that they can no longer send out bags to the Far East. I'm not sure if other boutiques like Bond Street or Brompton Cross will follow through. So, for those who are from Asia, just a heads up to you. ;)
  2. Awwww. Thanks for posting Mia.
  3. Thanks for letting us know Mia, I was thinking of calling Bond Street soon.....maybe better sooner than later!
  4. hi bagmad73, yes, I think you better call Bond Street and see if they are doing the same. If you find out anything, can you let us know too? Thanks!

  5. I am happy about this being from the UK I found it soo hard to purcahse a jumbo and even the SA's admitted the issue they were having with overseas orders.
  6. I know how you feel cammy. I'm not from the UK but I'm also glad to see that the boutiques are controlling this overflow of overseas orders. Hope you find your jumbo soon!

  7. Probably they could set a quota of how many bags are able to do international orders per month or something.
  8. I have sent my SA there an email. Will keep everyone updated!!!
  9. I just bought a bag from the Brompton bag! And he was willing to ship to the US, though I did ask him to keep the bag for me until I went to the UK in March. So maybe some SAs/locations are still willing to ship bags overseas?
  10. Yah guys :sad: I've been trying to get hold of a jumbo caviar for ages - normally Selfridges has TONNES of them behind the mirror cupboard...but nope..none! Save some for us. :crybaby:

  11. you are so lucky!

    normally they will only hold a bag for a couple of days max :sad:
  12. Ok, no more shipping outside Europe :sad:. I completely understand why and I hope you UK/Europe gals manage to get the Chanels you want!

    Here is the email reply I just received.

    Thank you for your enquiry. My colleague has forwarded your details to me.

    Unfortunately due to a change in company policy it is no longer possible for us to ship items outside Europe.
    However if you are to be travelling to London, we would be more than happy to help you find the pieces that you are looking for.
  13. i do sympathise with the international girls tho :flowers: i know only too well what it's like to be desperate for a certain bag & you can't get it at home :crybaby:
  14. oh.. just when i thought of ordering the fucshia caviar.. :sad:
  15. Oh no, they're charging my credit card so I've already paid for the bag. I think the SA might have had a heart attack if I asked him to hold the bag for a month and a half without paying. LOL.