For those who love the epi mandarine...

Jan 3, 2006
I was on the phone today with a rep from E-Lux regarding the french epi mandarine wallet I ordered. Long story short, he said that LV is discontinuing this color shortly. :sad:

Do you think it is true, or just a sales tactic to get me to finish the purchase (I paid last night with my Paypal debit card and the purchase was rejected because I as short a few dollars). Now I do not know what to get; it is between the mandarine wallet, mono koala, or mono porte tresor.

Please advise!!


LV Addict
Mar 20, 2006
kittynui said:
When I bought my Blue epi speedy the SA told me that they didn't sell well the mandarin color
I don't know how he could have told you that! The mandarin is one of the hottest colors LV came out with for the epi collection. I wish they would do a hot pink or fuschia color....UMMM I can only dream.:love:


Feb 5, 2006
I noticed that it never did come back into the inventory. I suppose that was a clue that it was one the way out. Sniff sniff.

Becca4277 said:
I know it really stinks! Especially for people that do not live by a LV boutique. I like Cristine want a speedy 25 in mandarine. They do not have any left on E-lux. :sad: