For those who love the epi mandarine...

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  1. I was on the phone today with a rep from E-Lux regarding the french epi mandarine wallet I ordered. Long story short, he said that LV is discontinuing this color shortly. :sad:

    Do you think it is true, or just a sales tactic to get me to finish the purchase (I paid last night with my Paypal debit card and the purchase was rejected because I as short a few dollars). Now I do not know what to get; it is between the mandarine wallet, mono koala, or mono porte tresor.

    Please advise!!
  2. I think that if you like it, you should buy it while ignoring whether or not it's being discontinued. After all, you wanted it even before knowing this little bit of information!
  3. Yes, I heard that it is being discontinued too but not sure when. Personally I would go for the mandarin FP. I loove that color!
  4. Any idea what color will be replacing the mandarin?
  5. When I bought my Blue epi speedy the SA told me that they didn't sell well the mandarin color
  6. I don't know how he could have told you that! The mandarin is one of the hottest colors LV came out with for the epi collection. I wish they would do a hot pink or fuschia color....UMMM I can only dream.:love:
  7. What?! :sad:

    That's it, my next bag is definitely the Epi Speedy. I have to get a mandarin LV piece before it's discontinued, it's my favorite Epi color :love:
  8. Thanks for the heads up, and I've now got the Tresor wallet in Mandarine on the way! I got 3% cash back by going through too!
  9. mandarin is my fave epi color too. so sad they will discontinue it already :sad2:
  10. I so want an epi mandarin pochette, now I have to hurry!
  11. oh no are they discontinuing it?
    i really love that colour :sad:
  12. I know it really stinks! Especially for people that do not live by a LV boutique. I like Cristine want a speedy 25 in mandarine. They do not have any left on E-lux. :sad:
  13. I noticed that it never did come back into the inventory. I suppose that was a clue that it was one the way out. Sniff sniff.

  14. What? I love the mandarin color. I have to get an accessory or something before it gets discontinued :sad2:
  15. that colour is great!!! how sad!!! maybe i should get a key chain??? hehehe!