For those who love handmade bags, what is your fave brand/designer?

  1. More and more, I find myself looking for handmade bags. High end designer or not, I've come to appreciate that special quality that handmade bags have.

    If you like/own/apreciate handmade bags, who's your fave?
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  2. I'm about to order a Maya Moon bag! They are gorgeous!
  3. Belen Echandia makes absolutely gorgous bags and they're handmade.
    Here's the link:
  4. Balenciaga all the way!
  5. gryson
  6. Chie Mihara, handmade in Spain!
  7. TOD'S - handcrafted in Italy from the finest leathers :tup:
  8. I came across this Japanese purse today, and really love the unique look! Looks like this site sells lots of fabulous one-of-a-kind handmade stuff. maybe this is the only one available...get it or not get it...

  9. IMG_4882.JPG
  10. TOD'S love their bags! and shoes!
  11. Love Belen Echandia as well! Bottega Veneta bags are handmade but MUCH more expensive!
  12. Hermés
  13. Hermés
  14. henry beguelin. Gorgeous