For those who live in Hong Kong

  1. I regularly visit Hong Kong and I noticed that there are quite a number of stores that sell secondhand designer bags and new designer bags that are hard to find, like the hermes birkin, special edition LVs, etc. The stores that I am talking about are Paris Station, Milan Station, etc. Almost all the stores sell several birkins and I am really doubtful if these bags are authentic just because it's too many. Has anyone in the PF ever purchased a birkin, or any new designer bag? Are the bags authentic?
  2. ask annemerrick!

    She's shown us a lot of her goodies from these stores!!

    She's even purchased a Fendi Couch!
  3. I think I know which one your talking about the Milian station & Paris station store at Tsim Sha Tsui. My bf's sister (handbag lover like us) shops their frequently and said their bags are authentic.
    I think that store is a hit or miss thing sometimes they have some really used bags with marks all over and sometimes they have some really clean bags.
  4. I've purchased a few LV's from Milan Station before (near Times Square) and didn't have a problem with its authenticity. Never had the moolah for a Birkin tho!