For those who like the Chanel Cerf...

  1. I went into my NM in Palo Alto and purchased the black medium tote with black calfskin CCs. I :heart: this bag! :biggrin: I'm going to take pictures tomorrow.

    The SA, Ericka showed me the new Cerf bag, which is basically the old Cerf (the one with the gold CCs turnlock) with a mademoiselle turnlock. They still had a couple of the smaller Cerfs with mademoiselle turnlock available. I was bummed that they weren't going to have the Cerfs with the CCs anymore! BUT she said that they were getting a shipment of the CCs turnlock soon.

    Hope that helps someone who's looking for a Cerf!
  2. :yahoo: Congrats! Please post pics for us! Will you be bringing her to the PF lunch? :graucho:
  3. Heehee....I'm trying to decide between the medium Cambon, Large Caviar flap and caviar (?) tote!

    I will take pictures tomorrow of my new family member :love:

    I also purchased a grey accordian flap from Personalshoppers on eBay and can't wait until that comes in also! After that, I am DONE - no more Chanel bags for a while :lol:
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