For those who like satchels....

  1. double post
  2. I had planned on the XL satchel (if it comes out in Pink!) but after seeing the zip top I may go that way! I think it would totally depend on how big a bag you want. I really like the straps on the XL but it might be too much bag for me. I'll have to check them out IRL to make my final decision.
  3. A bag with a 14 inch length is about as big as I will go. The size of the XL is okay, but I think it's the width that makes it seem bigger. At first I didn't like the straps, but they seem to work on these bags since they are more sportier, more casual.
  4. XL Satchel FOR SURE... thats on my wish list LOVE it!!
  5. I like the XL because it as the two zippered compartments...?

    And I like the detailing on the front- the two trim like pieces?

    But I do like on the reg. one that it has turnlock pockets on the side... The XL doesn't.

    But I'm not much into satchels. I have 1 handheld bag- my speedy and that's the only one I could ever live with... LOL
  6. If you don't mind a bigger bag, I like the XL much better. Specifically, I really like the extra straps/buckles!
  7. I love the XL satchel! I think it is the detailing for me! If you like the size then I would go for the XL
  8. The little extras on the XL are really cute. The smaller one has those lovely functional turnlock pockets on the side. It kind of looks like the LV speedy, no? That might sway me away from the smaller one since I already have the speedy in 25, 30, and 35 (I know, that's pretty excessive). I plan on stopping by COACH today after work to try them on for size. I tried the XL last week at Nordies, but I'll check out the smaller one now. Thanks for all your help ladies!
  9. I like the zip better :yes:
  10. I love the XL Satchel, its the best one out
  11. The XL and Zip satchels are arguing in my head saying, "Pick me! No pick me!" :lol:
  12. The second one.. the XL seems a bit busy!
  13. I like the smaller of the two just because of the simplicity of it. With the coach & buggy logo on the front, the stripe and the signature, I feel that's enough to set the bag apart.