For those who have perle vernis....

  1. last week i have posted a thread about getting a 4 key holder for my sister.. and yes i have got a pomme one for her :yahoo: thanks for everyone who helped me choosing... the bad side now is.. i want one myself :p i am eyeing on the perle one... it is so cute and innocent ;) however the SA told me the perle one will discolour over time..

    i know the lighter vernis colour will discolour... but if it is a keyholder which i put in my bag all the time (ie, no contact of sunlight).. will it still discolour to yellow :confused1:?
  2. anyone please :smile:
  3. lol Most are still :sleepy:. Anyway,light Vernis do tend to change colour but not all will.My Silver PTI still looks the same after more than 5 years:nuts:.Haven't seen a Perle change yet but they have't been out that long.
  4. My Perle Coeur is still gorgeous and white thank goodness. I was afraid of that color too..I still don't think I'd get a bag in that color but the smaller pieces are good. The only tip I have is to not put them in bags with red lining (mostly the Alcantra lining like in the white MC Speedy) because it could turn the piece pink.
  5. ^^ ITA. Also be careful of what else is in your bag, like pens or magazines and whatnot. Since perle is so light, I would be careful about color transfer from other items in your bag...
  6. this is a gorgeous color, you should avoid any contact with denim

  7. oh thanks lvbabydoll... i didnt think of the lining or other items in the bag which will cause colour transfer ..that sounds scary :sad: but the perle colour is soooo pretty :confused1:
  8. i would definitely go with something darker though, pomme and amarente are my choices if i get the key holders though..

    i would be too scared to put it inside my bag if i got the perle also too scared of the keys rubbing the key holders *kwim*

    anyway, perle is still beyond gorgeus and i'll get it if u like :graucho:
    *im picking up my perle cles today, i cant wait* :yahoo:
  9. be careful of colour transfer. and the edges might turn dark over time.

    it's gorgeous but if u don't intend to baby it, pomme or framboise might be more suitable? :smile:
  10. I have a perle french purse, but I keep it in its dust bag all the time, even when putting into my bag. When my sa saw it, she told me to be wary of the colour transfer from the dustbag to the perle!
  11. ^That is true. I had color transfer from my dustbag onto my marshmallow greene.
  12. Regarding perle, do you think that the dustbag may increase the discoloration? It IS yellowish.. :confused1::wtf::confused1: WHy don't they give us a white one then.. O.o
  13. ^^ I think it COULD. I wouldn't take any chances.
  14. I got a vernis wallet in perle sometime last year
    and I was a bit careless with it coz i put it in my bag with everything elses init...I left it in my bag with my car keys attached with a bunch of colorful keychains and unfortunately i got some color transfer onto my wallet :sad:

    ..then i started putting the wallent in the dustbag but now i think it's wayyy too troublesome to be taking it in and out from the dustbag especially when i always need to be using my wallet!!

    Also, I think it does get slightly yellowy in time...but i really really like the perle color !! it's very pretty ..just need to take special care of it ;)