For those who have ordered from LVR

  1. How long does it usually take to recieve packages from them in the U.S.? I sent payment and have e-mailed them a couple of times and haven't heard anything.
  2. I'm in Canada (close enough?). It took me all a total of 8 business days from the day I wire transfered (Monday), and the day I received (next Wed after).
    They were really good about emailing me right back. R U corresponding w/the same agent? Did you send a proof of payment? (fax copy, emailed scanned copy, etc?).
  3. The first order takes longer because they are verifying your address and credit card info.
  4. I was shocked at how quickly my bag arrived... I believe within 3 days!
  5. I paid with Paypal, so there's no credit card confirmation needed.

    Glimmer, how did you pay for yours?

    Edit: I finally got an e-mail from them. Apparently, they haven't recieved the shipment yet. For some reason, I thought they had it in stock from the way they responded to my e-mails. It sounds like it still might be awhile. Darn.
  6. What did you buy??? And of course you need to show us pics when you receive it.
  7. Don't worry !!!
    Sometimes packages are just stuck in customs :sad:
    and finally pop up 2 weeks later...