? for those who have ordered from a boutique

  1. How long did it take for you to receive your bag? I placed my order at the boutique Saturday, and was told it would take 3-5 business days. I gave the SA my email address so I would get an email with the tracking number, which I have yet to receive. Today is the 3rd business day so I'm just wondering if it actually take a few days to process and THEN it's 3-5 days to ship?

    I'm going nuts here. I've been checking my email like every 5 minutes and on the lookout for George our FedEx guy.
  2. Maybe you could call the 888 number and check on your status?
    Usually if the bag is in stock it doesn't take over 4 days to get to me. Was your bag in stock?
  3. The last order I placed took about 4-5 days total to get to me. I think by the time I got the email with tracking it arrived the same day.
  4. Thanks I'll try calling the 888 number if it's not here by tomorrow. I ordered the Large Carly in khaki/saddle and was told it was in stock.
  5. What a coincidence! I placed an order at my boutique on Saturday, as well, and they also told me 3-5 days. I finally just got my order confirmation email this morning and FedEx tracking says delivery by Friday. You could always call your boutique and/or the 888 number to see if you can get a status. I was planning to call today until I got the email. I think you should call today. :yes:
  6. if you ordered staturday then they wouldnt have processed it til monday so itll take about 3-4 days to get it shipped out and then you should get it about 2-3 days after that.
  7. Still haven't gotten the email but I did call the 888 number and they gave me the tracking number. Should be here Friday as well.
  8. it seemed to take forever for my item to get to me when i ordered through the boutique. i know it took at least a week.
  9. I know I ordered my Sig Stripe Tote Monday and got it that Friday... Seems like you got an answer to your question, post pics when your bag gets here!
  10. it's out for delivery! will take some pictures when i get home tonight.