For those who have nannies....

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  1. what kind of benefits do you provide for your full-time nanny? Do you provide a credit card, paid holidays, sick days, etc.? Also, is it a "must" to provide health insurance for her?
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    I don't have one, but my cousin is one. She gets health benefits, has full use of the car, and a small apartment on the premises. She gets paid holidays and sick days. She does not have a credit card. She does vacation with the family. I don't think she'd nanny without getting the benefits (health, sick time, vacation time) that she could get from a non nanny job. You could probably forgo those things if it's a part time job.
  3. I would like to know as well. We just hired our first nanny, and after a week of working she informed me she had a Dr. appt in the middle of the day tomorrow and isn't planning on coming in since the appt is 1.5 hrs from me and she made it for 11 am. I assume I have to pay her for the day, but shouldn't she work for at least part of the day? When we interviewed her, we didn't discuss sick time, but I told her she would get 3 weeks paid vacation and that was all. I am so new to this
  4. Thank you Rockstar. It seems like full time nannies expect to get a full benefit package these days. Also I wonder how you would pay them if they travel with you on vacation. Certainly you wouldn't still be paying by the hour? Is there a flat fee per day while on vacation?

  5. I don't think that she has to work part of the day. I always paid mine whether she came in or not. I never had a set a specific number of sick days either. But I will if she starts to abuse it.
  6. I dont have a live-in ...and my nanny DOESNT get benefits.Its UNHEARD of around here for a live-out to get benefits.
    It depends on how u pay a nanny too.........if she is paid a salary vs.hourly.I pay mine hourly so if she decides to call out..NO stops callouts!LOL!
  7. Mine's only part-time, so we don't do a full benefit package, though I do give her paid vacation. I do belong to a very active parents' club (about 3000 members), however, so I keep tabs on what's generally offered and try to make sure I'm very competitive, since I don't want to find a new nanny.

    What I've seen:
    - vacation pay is typical. Two weeks seems to be on the low end of standard here. Many people require one week at a time they take vacation and the other week (or two) nanny's choice. I give her 80 hours, which for my PT nanny would be a little more than 3 weeks.
    - From what I've seen for sick days, it's generally just a few (e.g., 3). I don't give my nanny any, but again, she's part time.
    - A lot of people here kick in for health insurance or pay for it, generally seems to be somewhere around $200/mo. This was either cost of a particular plan or what they decided to kick in, based on family plan cost. My nanny is on her DH's plan, so luckily I don't kick in.
    - Some people do seem to pay for gas/mileage for baby-related travel, and I know I've seen some people talk about paying part of the car insurance.
    - I've never heard of anyone getting a credit card for the nanny.

    I have specifically discussed the vacation thing with my nanny. She would expect that we would pay expenses (plane + room + meals) and for hours worked, to be agreed in advance. I was afraid we'd have to pay a 24-hour rate, so I was pleased. We haven't actually done this yet.
  8. she informed you today or yesterday of an appt tomorrow?
    You can't do that at office jobs unless it's an emergency, that's not cool.

    We always had part time, but I gave bonuses to keep her happy because we loved her. Also paid her for holidays she would've worked if it weren't a holiday and paid for her meals while out w/ us or at our home.
  9. She told me on Wednesday about an appointment on Friday. I am currently not working, but I am studying for my board exams. What if I was working? I wouldn't know what to do since we have no family here.
    I asked her to come in after the appoitment, even if it is for a few hours. I just need to get some studying done, and I can't do it when I am taking care of the baby. I have a feeling she will come by for a couple hours as I didn't pay her yesterday.
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    Between myself and friends, I've heard all ranges. Plus, I did it when I was about 20 myself! It depends on what is important to you and your nanny, and esp if she's full time and/or lives in.
    * Create a specific contract. Do a little research to know what you can require, and write more, not less. Be very specific.
    * If you're in the city, you could get a better nanny if you paid for her public transport.
    * In the burbs, use of a car, if she doesn't have one, is a big plus too.
    * A live in almost always gets board, so in house meals provided.
    * Nanny insurance is important too. Even though the plans are usually on the skimpier side, if your nanny got sick, youd want her better asap... I got sick when I was a nanny, but they didn't give me health insurance, so one day I just couldn't get up from laying down watching the kids. They had to bring a Dr to the house, and I had advanced pneumonia, and it took me a MONTH to shake! If I'd have gotten myself checked out earlier, I would have been a better nanny to her kids that whole month I was under the weather.
    * Sick days can be separate, or part of "earned days" she can accumulate during each pay period. In ANY case, unless it's an emergency, a weeks notice is necessary for you to make plans. This is a common courtesy, but write it into her contract just so no one "forgets" when it's convenient (for them) to do so.
    * Petty Cash/ credit cards are very subjective. Ours has one, and it makes it much better for me... if I'm working and can't get to the store, she'll go, keep her receipt, and we discuss any charges for the week on Fridays. She has a capped amount, and it's written in her contract she's responsible for it - so we don't worry. I like her having it, too, for emergencies! Buuuut you have to trust your nanny to do this (or have capped allowances so no way could she overspend) or else have her pay for things and submit receipts to get paid back, preferably for your books and her account - every week. I know someone who puts a small amount in a separate account for petty cash and the nanny only checks in with the Mom every month to go over it, so I guess whatever works for you is the best idea.

    Also research rates in your area and consider a placement service if you're getting a live-in. It will cost, but they will screen better than you can(good for someone living in your home, no?), pre-check references, and even long after they get paid, they will work with your nanny as a sort of counseling service, and a sounding board. Which helps, since a lot of nannies don't know what to expect, and hearing that something is normal is very reassuring.

    For the first time in a long time, nannies are in abundance, so you can be a little choosy, but know that if you feel right about something, don't sit on the decision... go for it! Great nannies still get snapped up quick, even in this economy!

    HTH :hugs:

    BTW... did I mention get a contract? LoL This is sooooo important but I'm shocked at how many people don't have one!
  11. personally i wouldn't pay her for a full day, only an hourly rate. in other words, if she worked at my house for three hours i would pay her for three hours.
    i hope she still stops by and you get some studying done! maybe you can still study while the baby is napping as well?

    i didn't think we needed a nanny/babysitter (what's the difference, anyway?) b/c dh & i both have flexible jobs, and i thought we could both manage somehow, especially with family nearby. well, in the last couple of weeks my schedule has been a bit unpredictable and so has dh's. currently we're both thinking we may need to hire someone part-time as well. only problem is i would need someone with a flexible schedule. wish us luck!:sweatdrop:
  12. Around here, NOT having benefits is UNHEARD of. All the nannies here know each other so they start talking and comparing their benefits. I also pay my nanny by the hour but sometimes she calls out because one of her own kid is sick or whatever. In this case, I end up paying her because I lump it in as a "sick" day.
  13. ^Im talking about PART TIME....actually!ANd yes,if my nanny was sick...I would still pay her..BUT if she called out with little notice to go have a day at the beach..then NO,I wouldnt pay her.HUGE difference between sick pay and calling out to go play with friends!LOL!
  14. I am on my 3rd nanny, and will say that we were VERY forgiving of the first two, and bent over backward for know when you get that gut?? Both times...I fired them on the spot for cause...first one-found out she was telling people that she was my son's mother, and taking him shopping all the time, so he just sat in a baby stroller all day.

    The 2nd one was on SOO many meds, that when I tried to get her healthcare, she was denied. She gave me her health records so I could better understand why she was not getting coverage under $300 a month (as I am in the healthcare field), and found out she had been taking all kinds of pain killers and in the past, was on many psychiatric meds. Not that I have anything against that, BUT- FOR GOD'S SAKE- these are my children. She also lied and told us she was not a smoker, and two months later, wanted us to celebrate that she quit smoking because I went into her car and smelled major smoke and told her if she did not quite smoking-she was out.

    The nannies above I paid sick days, healthcare, vacation, bonuses (2 weeks of a salary each Christmas) etc- we paid them both well and still had major issues with both.

    NOW, I found a nanny that I pay hourly, and LOVE HER. She has been a nanny for 10 years. We pay her hourly and she is not paid when she takes a day off or when we take vacation etc. I do pay her for holidays and will possibly give her a bonus at Christmas time, but honestly, after going through 3 views have changed. If you interview a nanny and she is all about what "she needs"- she is not for you or more importantly, your child.

    I am all for giving people extra incentives, but the nanny we just hired is wonderful, well-balanced, has a great family of her own, and truly just loves kids. I am SOO thankful that I finally found a good person.

    So- my point is, find a good person that you can afford, and is thankful and appreciative of what you give her, and does not expect the will be happy, and so will she. Always try and just show up on her and get nanny cams if you need to. Both DH and I work out of the home, so we see everything-even when they think we are not around or can't hear!
  15. Oh- and just to add, I am ALL for health insurance to keep your nanny well. I also NEVER allowed my nanny to come to my house sick...some nannies will come to work sick so that you will send them home that they don't take a sick day, and technically you made them leave, so they expect you to pay them. Plus, I did not want my child sick...she said she came to work so that I would not miss a day. Please- I figured her out when it was sick day #8 in the first six months...and we paid her 8 sick days...

    Now my sick day policy is defined-3 days a year and that is it.

    As Fishfood said, having a defined contract makes sense and give that person proper expectations and vice versa.