For those who have's the leather?

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  1. Although I love my Shimmy Hobo, I'm really disappointed with the leather quality.
    I have been eyeing the Mitzy Hobo up since it came out but thought I'd wait for the smaller version.
    I saw the smaller bag on Saturday and it was a big disappointment! It just seemed too small and pricey at £450.
    So, I think I'm going to go for the larger size but how is the leather holding up for people that have been using it regularly?
    I'm looking at the Oak BTW.
  2. Ive got the turquoise one .. & so far so good, although I do seem to have picked up a couple of lighter "dots" on the bag already - it hasnt been in the rain so far so cant be that. Hmmm. I think they may be the tiniest little scratches.

    Maybe better to ask someone who has one in oak anyway, to get a true idea.
  3. I was lusting over the Mitzy as I need a messenger style bag but ended up going for the Poppy satchel and one of the things that swung me away from the Mitzy to the Poppy was that the leather on the Mitzy didn't seem very thick like some of the Mulberry bags. I have also seen on some pictures of the bag on some forumites that there is a bit of sag in the bag when it is full and also without a VIP liner the contents can poke out a bit.
    However after saying all that I may still save up my christmas money for a rouge noir mitzy in the sales lol!
  4. Can't complain - I think it's fab :tup: I had to put it away as I was using it exclusively and I wanted to use some of my more "summer" bags. But the leather is holding up really well. I don't think it's too thin at all :nogood: I've only sprayed it once and it's been fine in the rain. Needs another coating, though.

    If the smaller one is only £50 less, that doesn't seem like very good value to me :thinking: but the regular size is huge, no doubt about it :lol:

    ETA and going back to the leather... I don't know. I'm so over the thick, heavy darwin leather that you can't take in the rain. It's beautiful, yes, but not user friendly at all. Now that I've got lighter bags that I am in love with, the heavy weight darwin bags just don't appeal anymore (with the exception of my Elgin which is luscious!). I would never buy an oak darwin bag now :nogood: The leather on the Mitzy has been treated so it's much less likely to watermark.
  5. Thanks for that Ditab, its great to hear about the leather from someone who has a bag and has used it.

    *starts putting pennies away for rouge noir mitzy messenger*
  6. thanks for the feedback Ditab, I've so gone off heavy darwin bags too (except my Bays)
    so the Mitzy shouldn't stain if sprayed, I presume. That sounds great for the winter
  7. Well, it shouldn't really stain anyway as it's already been treated so is less porous than darwin. But yes, if you spray it, it will be absolutely fine. I wouldn't carry it with a denim jacket - just on the off chance that i'm wrong :P - but I think you're going to like it. Especially the weight :tup:
  8. I've been using the oak one and now the turquoise one and found the leather to be good. It has softened so the bags are even softer but there are no marks or scratches. They've both only had one dose of Collonil and both were caught out in the rain.
    They're lightweight and squidge down nicely so, although both mine are the enormous hobo, they don't look huge.
  9. I actually prefer the large one, it seems to sit well
  10. Is the leather the same on the Messengers - I'm quite taken with the Turquoise of SJ's but would prefer a messenger one.

    Do you still have your Mitzy Messenger Flossie? How's it holding up?
  11. :bump: I have a Mitzy Messenger in oak (which is the same type of leather as the turquoise) and it's holding up just fine. I've been caught in the rain a couple of times and was really worried at first as the rain splats were massive and really dark. However, the collonil prevented any watermarks. :sweatdrop: I've not noticed any scratches on the leather either, apart from a couple of small marks on the strap, so I think the leather wears really well. But then again, I don't throw my bags around.... :smile: