For those who have made SO's...

  1. Hi guys and gals!!!

    I was given a chance to place a Special Order at our local H. I'm aware that special orders are available in different versions --

    a. different colored interior only
    b. interior, handles and straps in the 'other' color
    c. interior, handles, straps, and sides in the 'other' color
    d. tricolor

    I've been browsing tpf threads for weeks regarding 'bicolor birkins', special orders, etc and noticed that most SO owners have chosen Version A which is different colored interior only.

    I was just wondering what made you decide to just change the interior instead of having the outer parts of different colors? I'm really torn between having a pop of color just in the inside vs having parts of the birkin's exterior in color #2...

    Please help me decide!!! :smile:

    Many thanks in advance!!!
  2. I've never done a special order, but if I did, I'd only do a different color interior. Why? Because Kellys and Birkins are classic bags that are VERY expensive. The "lily" does not need to be gilded. I think one might get very tired of more contrasts - I would.
  3. ITA with India. My SO have just been the interior. Of course I don't like contrast stitching also so I would never SO a bag with much depends on your style and what you like.:flowers:
  4. I agree too.
    My last (yes, this will be it for me) SO is in the pipeline, and it's just a different colored lining.
  5. I'd stick with a different interior color too. I've seen too many bi-color exteriors that were not particularly attractive to me. Plus I agree with India too about the classic styling of Birkins and Kellys.
  6. I had two SO in birkins. The first one has a second color in the interior, which is version A and it works great. Since the exterior is a neutral color, the interior color is hidden so it doesn't clash with my outfit.

    For my second SO, I ordered the same version but the second color was in the piping too. I don't remember asking for it but since it was a darker color (Iris as the interior color) over black exterior, it turned out to be more interesting than just having a black exterior. I love opening the bag to see a happy bright color. After seeing several reveals of SO, I would love to have a pinkish interior color in my next RAC order. Tosca or Rose Tyrien sounds delicious.
  7. I agree i have gone for version A colour just inside, one reason as others have said these bags are classic in themselves and the other is i would be to frightened to order something more daring incase i didnt like it when it arrived, maybe if i saw a tri-colour in store ready to buy i might get it, good luck with your decision the hard part is picking the colours
  8. I totally share this view. My only SO is just with a different lining colour, no frills, and I don't feel it needs any!
  9. There are certain things where we don't need from a distance away, to know, it's a SO B. Having a Neutral B w/surprise lining is conservative to use for work while to satisfy the craving for a lil' bit pop of color.

    On the other hand, there are beautiful bicolors/tricolors, mostly they have to complement and not appear contrast. Others include a different color of front panel and another color of a back panel. 2-in-1 w/covered leather lock.
  10. You can always have contrast stitching and brushed hardware to make the exterior special. My favorite SOs that have multiple exterior colors are the tri-colored ostrich kellys in different shades of gray. Still neutral, yet very special. My person concern would be that I would be limiting myself in terms of how easy to wear the bag would be.
  11. It really depends on how you intend to use this particular bag, and your location. I have some with bicolor exteriors, and one with just a different interior. My bicolor exteriors are my playful, spring/summer bags.
  12. I must say I am a conservative person and I chose version A at the end for my SO.

    I've given quite some thoughts in choosing colours, leather and hardware. I know I want the bag to be able to use day and night and in most of the seasons. Tricolour somehow gives me difficulty in matching my clothes (in particular I will have no more money to change my whole wardrobe just to match with the bag afterwards!).
  13. Personally the interior flash of color or matching family colors SO wonderful so much so that Hermes did it for the candy line kiwi has a vert olive and lime has grey interior and rose T has rouge something, and so I feel it ads something on the bag. then I personally went back and forth with the idea of getting a two tone inside and out. and I found they are not for me I tend to have a monochromatic look mostly because they are already special bags, and because that is why I buy H the classic leather bag. That said many colors match beautifully and so I do feel tempted's too much risk for me it just ads too many elements to my already almost excessive simple clothes and baroque over the top accessories and sometimes on me it would look like an over the top option. But ...............if one of the combos works for you inspires you go for it darling they are beautiful . But difficult to match, interiors can be concealed. That is why I think most of us members prefer the inside change. My favorite option is different color lining that matches the stitching for example maroon fonce with poitiron lining and poitiron stitching !!!!! Fabulous !!!
  14. I agree with everyone else, my SO was ordered with a contrast lining & different hardware. Mind you it was ordered 3 years ago & I'm still waiting for it LOL
  15. I just received my SO that was placed only in March. It is 35 cm ebene with rose tyrien interior. I wanted the same RT stitching but it wasn't available. Contrast stitching would have been the only extra I would have done because two tone bags become a little harder to match and for me wearable on a day to day basis. I wanted something that I would want to use all the time.

    Simplicity in the end was the winner. I think that's why we see so many two and three tone bags up for resale. They may seem like a good idea at the time but in the end are a little tough for a long term relationship.

    Just my opinion.