for those who have Koala wallets.

  1. I have question for those who have Koala wallets. :upsidedown:
    Do you plan to use the coin pocket (I don't know what it called)?

    I'm curious becase I had one wallet similar style and I use the coin pocket, and it ruined the leather and the shape of the wallet. :crybaby:

    If no one plans to use the pocket, why would they design the wallet to have the pocket. Or, just because it makes the wallet cuteeee:yahoo: , not for actually putting coins in it.

    I don't know .. maybe it's just me. I didn't know better. :shame:
  2. I answered this in the other thread, but I will repeat here: I always use the pocket of my Koala for change. I put a reasonable amount of change into it, I do not overstuff it with quarters or the like.

    It has held up beautifully because I treat it carefully even though I have used it every day for the past six months or so.
  3. "I always use the pocket of my Koala for change. I put a reasonable amount of change into it, I do not overstuff it with quarters or the like."

    me too!:yes:
  4. Thanks for your answer, Jane. ;)
    I really love all the Koala wallets on your signature. :yahoo:

    After I ruined my last wallet with maybe over fill change in the pocket, I really lose interest on this wallet style.

    But, Habibty's close-up photos of the wallet really really make me wanna have Koala wallet. :love: That's why I wanna know how other people use their change pocket. :yes:
  5. I have the Damier Koala, and I don't keep change in the change pocket. I like a flatter wallet. I keep an old-fashioned kiss-lock change purse.
  6. I've had my Koala wallet since December. I put change in the change pocket, but not a lot. So far, I haven't seen any change in the shape.
  7. I actually opted to just get the Koala card wallet b/c I use a separate change purse (cles) and I didn't feel I could fit much change in the wallets spot anyway.......The card wallet only has 6 slots in comparison to 9 and a couple other spots to put things along with a billfold and it's actually perfect for me......instead of a zip changepurse on the outside in has a flat pocket, just figured I'd bring this one up, not that many people realize it exists and it's a great size and very functional
  8. I have a mono koala wallet, and I've used the change spot since day one. It holds alot!
  9. :yes: Me too. I have had my koala wallet for about a year and it has held up well even using the change pocket.
  10. I'm also interested in a koala wallet, but what scares me even more is the brass buckle. I heard that it scratches easily. Is this true?
  11. angie~ i don't keep change in mine, cos i don't really want it to bulge. but i believe it does hold some change, so that's alright. get the koala, it's lovely! :yes:

    eva~ the damier and mono koalas have larger koala clasps, so the tendency for scratch is there, but i don't think it'll be v serious scratches (prob just regular wear and tear ones). the epi and MC lines hv the flatter, smaller clasp so it's better :smile:
  12. I have the damier koala but also bought the damier koala change purse to put my coins in. It's so cute.
  13. I put change in the back pocket too. It still looks great and I put about $3.00 worth of change one time no problem. Kinda heavy then but still the shape is good.
  14. i have the damier koala wallet and have used it since last december. i use the coin section and haven't seen any problems with change of shape, or ruining of the interior. i do notice that the buckle has gotten scratched due to wear and tear, esp. b/c i put it in my bag with everything else (keys, cell, etc.). but i don't think it's anything to be worried about. it's a beautiful wallet and I love it!
  15. :yes: Yep I have the mono koala, I use my coin compartment with tons of change and no problems at all. Its such a great wallet:yahoo:
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