for those who have heart purses

  1. For some reason, I'm never a fan of purchasing little accesories from LV since I don't think I'll be using them. But the heart purses are cute. For those who have em, how are you planning to use them? As a coin purse? That's way too cute.... in my opinion coin purse always gets beat up in the long run
  2. i saw them the other day. so killer cute! the red is tdf.
    it is definitely too small for c/c or id.
    it will fit coins, but i wouldn't want to get it too dirty.
    i plan on taking it out with me to carry money and a teeny tiny square of lipstick,it will be a little wristlet! i just have to get my bf to carry my id or make a hole in it and attatch it to the heart!
  3. I will be definately using mine as a bagcharm. all the little lv keychains i buy i use as bagcharms ONLY, except for one that i actually DO keep my keys in and thats my Cerise Round purse.

    almost 4 hours until my heart purse.... 5hrs, 10 min. :nuts:
  4. I am going to use it as a bag charm. I used the Groom Cles through the fall and I will now be retiring him for the heart purse!
  5. I'll just use it as a charm, allthough the interior is indeed very delicate and elegant.
  6. Me too - just as a decoration on my other bags. If only it wasn't soooo cute, it's a lot of money for something I won't get any real use out of (other than it looks pretty:p )
  7. I will use it as a bag charm.