For those who have had roaccutane....

  1. What skincare products did you use? I'm due to see a dermatologist in March and am hoping that he/she will finally give me roaccutane. I'm wondering what sort of skincare those of you who have had it, have used during your course. I'm guessing something moisturising and not too harsh. I'm in the UK and have been looking at Liz Earle, any suggestions?
  2. Avene - French brand - makes something specific for people on Roaccutane.
    You certainly can find it in UK

  3. Wow - I didn't know such a product existed! Thanks for that tip, I'm off to look it up on google. Thank you!

  4. I try to forget about when I was taking Accutane, but the best thing to use is plain and simple Cetaphil. Your skin/entire body will be really sensitive to anything you put on it so you will want to use something that is as gentle and plain as possible. It seems like a boring product, but I had to use the cleaner and moisturizer. Anything else would have hurt my skin. Good luck with it and I suggest taking accutane during the cooler months of the year.
  5. I've found the product (the Ac range) on the Avene website, but it's not available in the UK :tdown:!
  6. when i was on accutane, i used cetaphil for my cleanser-it was the best because it was not harsh at all and didnt irritate my skin while taking the med. for moisturizer i was using a great one from neutrogena called intensified day moisture. that worked well because it had the spf, and it always kept my skin moisturized- this was soo important for me because the accutane will dry the hell out of your skin, so finding something that made my skin feel comfortably moisturized was a god sent.
  7. I may be going on Accutane in the next few months and was wondering if any of you started w/ really oily skin to begin with? I mean really oily, my skin is now and I'm really concerned about the drying effects of accutane.
    And does anyone use anti-aging products while on accutane?
    ROMIE: Why do you reccomend using accutane in the cooler months?
  8. When I was on Accutane I used Cetaphil as my cleanser and moisturizer but I was never above slathering Aquaphor on either. I took it during the cooler months which was rough cause the cold air is soo drying but it actually worked for the best for me because I don't think I would have been able to tolerate the sun with my skin being so redonculously sensitive.

    My skin was super oily going in and it definitely got super dry but that is the point of taking the medication. I actually found that I was relieved my skin was dry instead of an oil slick!

  9. Agree 100%. Cetaphil will be your best friend :smile: I still use the cleanser and moisturizer to this day.
  10. I am using Roaccutane for a month now and I've been using Bioderma Sebium H2O for cleansing my skin even before that. It is a solution especially designed for acne-prone skin that is not at all harsh. And of course you need to use something moisturizing, I personally use a moisturizing cream also made by Bioderma, it's called Bioderma Sebium; the writing on the package is: intensive rehydrating and soothing care. And that's exactly what it does! You will also need to use a lip balm, a very powerful one. I have a treatment cream from Eucerin, it's for extremely dry lips, and believe me, that is exactly how your lips will feel :sad: Good luck with your treatment!
  11. try the cetaphil for cleasning n their lotion and just use the aquaphor for your lips, they will make a big improvement in the dry n chapness its def too greasy to put it on your face tho