For those who have done special orders..

  1. do you think I would be able to get a men's damier azur wallet in time for christmas? I would get the one with the coin pocket but he doesn't like that feature. tia!
  2. It's difficult to say. I'm pretty sure the waitlist for special order is very long especially it is nearing Christmas.

    Unless there is a ready-made men's Damier Azur wallet stuck somewhere then you'll probably get it quickly.
  3. SO items take approx. 3 to 6 months to arrive if I remember correctly.
  4. i think you can't SO small leather goods. :smile:

    but i'm not sure.
  5. 100% sure you cannot SO small leather goods unless it's ostrich/croc (exotics)

    ETA: Does it have to be Azur? I got my boyfriend the Damier Ebene 6 CC billfold and he loves it
  6. I also wish there was an azur mens wallet without the coin pouch! Maybe one day.....
  7. karman...yes it has to be azur, he REALLY likes that color. =x
    dell...they do have a small wallet/cardholder but it only has 3 slots...definitely not enough. One day...haha.
  8. ^^^get him an agenda he can use that as a wallet...
  9. I thought there was an azur billfold ?! Maybe not lol!
  10. LV doesn't do special orders on small leather goods. Also, they haven't started doing special orders with Azur, so it would be impossible for you to special order an Azur wallet. Sorry.
  11. I thought so too!