For those who have Chanel ballet flats

  1. Today, I found a very cute pair of black ones with the patent leather tip and I was so excited until tonight when I examined them very closely and I noticed that they are not symmetrical. The right foot patent area is shorter than the left, plus it feels tighter than the left. Overall, it doesn't look symmetrical at all and I figured for that price it should be. I'm going to return them asap and find another pair. I'm just curious for those of you who have them, are yours symmetrical or is this normal for Chanel flats? TIA:idea:
  2. I just went to check!

    I have so many ballet flats, in every colour, and none of them are as you described. They seem very symmetrical to me.

    I wonder if someone mismatched them, when putting them back in the box, are they the same size?
  3. Yes, they are the same size, but the right foot toebox feels slighter tighter, that's how I started to really check them side by side and I noticed the difference. I'm going back tomorrow to return them, which is a huge pain since I bought them in NYC and I live in the surburbs.
  4. oh no! I would return them ASAP and get a new pair!
  5. I hate when I have to do that... such a time waster.

    Are you going to try and get a new pair... or are you turned off Chanel flats?
  6. I don't know why the patent part wouldn't be symmetrical from one show to the next, but I do know that generally one foot is slightly larger than the other on most people, so that could explain why the one feels a little tighter. Sorry to hear you aren't happy with them, please post pictures when you find another pair! :smile:

    i had a couple of chanel ballet flats shipped to me once. and one pair (the white ones) had BLOOD FROM POPPED BLISTERS! on both of the heels! i was so grossed out!

    needless to say, i took those back ASAP. as you should too.
  8. OMG, that is horrible! :wtf:
  9. Mine are perfectly symmetrical :yes: Take them back and get another pair!
  10. Oh, I love chanel ballet flats, they are so cute, but I'm definitely going to return these particular ones because they look off.
  11. Eww, that is horrible. :nuts:
  12. Mine ae symmetrial too, but definitely take them back and gat another pair. Once you get the correct pair, you will love them!
  13. I have 2 pair, both are symmetrical but the left foot is a little bit tighter than the right...maybe my foot is a little bigger on that side???
  14. Well I was going to go today and return them but I'm stuck at home because there is a huge flood warning in NY.:sad:
  15. sorry! I hpe they have another pair for you!!!