For those who have bought from the outlet

  1. Did your bag come with the authenticity card? I just got mine delivered today and I didn't find any cards, only the tag, receipt, and dust bag. Just curious if this is pretty common.

  2. The authenticity cards are useless. They get lost often, I wouldn't care about them. In fact I throw all of mine out so I would prefer that I don't get them. These 'authenticity' cards do nothing for the authenticity of the bag.
  3. Sometimes I have gotten them and sometimes I haven't. But because I actually go into the Outlet Store myself I feel a lot better knowing that I've seen it there and purchased it there.
  4. Mine only came with a controlloto card, but i was still confident about the authenticity
  5. Clearing something up there are no Gucci authenticity cards. They give out a little (useless) controllato card with number 0-9 on it. The little paneled white card has care instructions. And since the anniversary bags they have been giving out the la storia booklet.

    All of these do nothing for proving authenticity UNLESS the bag comes with a black card with gold writing on it. This is the definite sign of a fake (as commonly seen on eBay). It looks like in the pic attached.

    All compliments and thanks to eBay seller gtracingdude for listing the fake horsebit bag on eBay which is where I got the photo from.
  6. I've never received a black and gold card with my Gucci purchases and I've bought all of them from the boutiques. I only got the care instructions, Gucci story, and 0-9 cards.
  7. I just purchased a bag from the CA outlet. Mine just came with the care booklet and the tiny long card with the numbers 0-9.