For those who have been to the "Stations" second-hand stores in Hong Kong...

  1. I was born in and have been to HK many many times before but have never actually gone into Milan Station/Paris Station/etc.

    Did you see many LE/seasonal pieces?

    I was hoping to maybe find some marshmallow vernis, CB, black mat, and maybe some old discontinued styles there.

    How's the condition of the stuff there...if something is in bad condition, is it reasonably price? How about haggling with the owners...? :p Maybe knock a couple of hundreds of dollars (HK)?

    Other than these stores, what other second-hand LV stores would you recommend?

    If I can find some marshmallow and discontinued pieces there, it may give me more desire to save more money for my trip :p Which is less than two months away!! :yahoo: Two months from now, I would've been to Korea and would be in Hong Kong!
  2. I remember going to a Milan station and seeing a Stephen bag in the window and a Groom Compact Wallet on display... that was back in October.. They DO have alot of bags on the shelves, but unfortunately I don't quite remember the ones that you're specifically asking about.. Hopefully someone can help?? I think another PF'er mentioned once that you might be able to lower the price the shops have posted by 10% by just asking. Some of the things are in good condition, some not, it really depends on what they have in stock, kinda like Let-trade.
    Good Luck & Have Fun!!
  3. I visited some 2nd hand shops there on 2005 and noticed they have so many LE & discontinued pieces but since on 2005 denim is so hot, they've muchier Denim pieces than LE & discontinued.

    Ooh good luck & enjoy your trip, Karman :smile:
    Keep post us what you get there ;)
  4. i went there in Nov last year - the one at Tsim Tsa Tsui
    I didn't really see any LE's and was quite disappointed with their range..

    Very worn out, heavily patina-ed items

    I wanted to go to this shop too
    Second Hand Shop
    but didn't have time. Looking at their website, they seem to have more items there..

    Ooohh... Check out the Mono leopard stephen they have as well secondhandshop

    I'll be going back hopefully in 1-2 mths time as well!! Let us know if there's any good finds there Karman!
  5. there were lots of denim, cerises and mirroir items 2 weeks ago. i love all the "stations" in causeway bay. it is really worth haggling because they will bargain. if the item is good as new, the prices are really not that far from the boutique but at least you get a couple of hundreds off. good luck! i saw a fuschia denim mini pleaty in milan station two weeks ago.
  6. Thanks for all the info! I will for sure check out the stations in Causeway cousin works in Centra so I can probably get her to take me around one day after she gets off work...(and help me haggle...:graucho:) and kasumi I've been looking for that site for ages!! Thank you for posting it!!