For those who have a mini lin...

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  1. Hello,

    So, as I have previously written, I am in the market for a speedy azur and think I might actually get it soon....but, earlier today I was in my local LV store, and saw the mini lin as I was trying on the azur....and I must say it is, my question to any of you who actually have one (anything mini lin really) do you keep it clean??? it really looks lovely, but I wonder about it's practicality..?
  2. I have a Mono Mini (the predecessor to Mini Lin) Josephine and haven't had any issues. Granted, mine's a darker color, but I think it's fairly stain-resistant in general. I would spray it with a fabric protectant spray such as Synovia - available at Nordstrom - (have also heard good things about Spectra but have not tried it first hand), and I think you'd be fine.
  3. I have a Mini Lin Speedy 30 Croisette in Rouge/Pink. I love it. You don't need to worry about the harsh weather, as the leather has been pre-treated. The material is a gorgeous fabric. Not sure about the stain though, as I take very good care of my LV's. Mine is brand new and is still flawless. Love it! :love:
  4. I have both and I think the Azur is definitely easier to care for, as long as you don't mind vachetta. But I loved the look of the Mini Lin Dune and had to have one, so I actually used Apple Garde treatment on the whole bag (it's for fabric too) and I worry less about it now.
  5. i have both the mini lin ebone and the azur canvas and both are pretty good when it comes to ease of cleaning. every couple of weeks ill take a white cloth towel and go over the edges of the azur since the leather pipping on the bottom tend to get dirty from normal wear. the mini lin is extremely easy to take care of. i tend to use that purse when its raining and am scared of getting stains like i do with the azur. one downfall is that with my azur i am always so scared when im washing my hands in a place where there is no where to put my bag down that is safe and dry. i always look retarded while washing my hands and reaching for the paper towels with my speedy between my legs since im trying not to wet it especially the handles until my hands are completely dry!! sucks even more when they have those jet things!! youll love both!
  6. I find the mini lin very very low maintenance! It is definitely my bag that I treat a little rougher. It has no vachetta, and the ebene color seems to be very resilient against dirt.
  7. Gosh, it is the easiest of my LV's to maintain. You don't really need to do anything.
  8. I have the mini lin in ebene and I carry it almost everyday and I've never had to take care of it at all. It seriously is the most sturdy bag I've ever had. There really is nothing to maintain at all! It's gone through snow and rain and it looks the same. Get it!
  9. I agree with the others -- basically no maintenance. They've already treated the fabric. You'll love how raindrops bead up on the fabric. Mini lin is just great!
  10. Mini Lin is super easy to maintain. Mine still look as good as the day I bought them.

  11. Seriously, my minilin ebene is quite easy maintainence but because I use it so often, I think the fabric is softening... basically it is a take and go bag ;)
  12. I have the Mini Lin Speedy in Ebene and I adore it! keeping the darker one clean is not a problem for sure. I was considering the sand but have decided to go with the Damier Azur! I also have a few of the mini mono pieces. I love them and they are very durable but tend to get a dingy look that can be hard to get rid of so that is why I decided to skip the lighter Mini Lin and go for the Damier Azur...good luck, and let us know what you get!
  13. MCP, my one and only LV is the mini lin speedy 30 in ebene. I chose it because mini lin is not as common as the monogram and damier (at least where I live), plus I don't have to worry about the vachetta! It's surprisingly low maintenance, but of course I'm still pretty careful with it.

    Janetc, i can totally imagine you in the bathroom - I've found myself in those situations especially when I just got my LV!
  14. I have the mini-lin Ebene. It is a fuss-free bag that doesn't need babying. And best of all, I do not have to worry about the vachetta.
  15. My first ever purchase is the mini lin speedy 30 ebene. It's so practical and you don't have to worry about stains..get it!