For those who have 5+ year old speedies, quality/canvas difference?

  1. Awhile back, I posted comparison pics of 2 mono pochette accessories (one made in Spain and one in USA, both relatively new). They were obviously different in that one was shinier, less textured, and very slightly lighter in color. However, aside from those superficial differences, the quality was about the same... the material's "thickness" was equal.

    Well, I just bought a Made in France Speedy 30 from autheticlvlady on eBay (so i feel comfortable its authentic, i think). It's 5 years old but there is a HUGE difference in the canvas on that bag compared to my almost new Made in USA Speedy 25. The canvas on the old speedy 30 is much thicker (enough of a difference so my sister, who never notices anything, noticed). It also feels not as smooth and more tacky/ for lack of a better word, sticky. It is much stiffer and more sag/wrinkle resistant and it seems like it would be able to withstand a hard beating. Does anyone else who has an older LV notice this difference in canvas in comparison to newer bags?
  2. Yeah that's typical of older bags. Here's a pic of my mom's (now mine) from about 1990. Though the thickness of the canvas feels pretty much the same to me.
  3. I was wondering is there any difference whether its made in France, Spain or US and can you get speedys that are made from france still? *sorry if this doesn't have exactly what your talking about, but I've been wondering and this made me think of it*
  4. I have an old Speedy 25 (1989) and my sister has a new Speedy 30 (2005). I have noticed that her canvas is more pliable than mine, although I don't think it's thicker. It may just be the way the bag canvas is treated now.
  5. hmm.... interesting, thanks!:biggrin:
  6. It's harder to since the mono Speedy is one of the most mainstream bags made, in addition to the mono Pochette, mono Batignolles etc. They make more in the US, but yes, it's possible to get them from other countries as well.
  7. You think I would have to special request haha? I don't know why i want a france one i just do :confused1: