For those who had moms with fur coats…

Omg, my mother had Muskrat and I’m pretty sure beaver too!

I remember walking around Philadelphia when I was kid and seeing women in full length Minks with matching fur headbands (like the halos, not hats) and thinking it was the chicest thing ever!
My mom's muskrat was sheared and it was so soft. Softer than sheared mink or beaver. I'm surprised muskrat isn't common today. I ended up with it, but I loaned it to a friends daughter, for her company Christmas party, and never got it back.
My mother wanted a mink stole. This was in the 1960s when fashionable ladies wore mink stoles over their wool suits that they wore to afternoon teas with other similarly dressed ladies.
Oh definitely so. I even remember the name of the color she pined for and eventually got, Autumn Haze. It was her pride and joy, and she would stand outside the synagogue on the steps during High Holidays (Sept.) with the other ladies in their stoles. They would happily schvitz (perspire) because it was probably still in the 80s-90s Fahrenheit in mid-Sept., but the gals had to wear the stole. A charming memory of one of the few conspicuous treats of that generation, most of whom had little in their youth.
When I lived in Paris between 2000-2009, the winters were very cold, and furs were very common.
I lived near the J.Mendel boutique and bought a full length mink, a black shaved mink and leather hat, a mink and cashmere pashmina, and a silver silk trench with chinchilla (which tragically got destroyed in the rain).

When I moved back to the U.K. there were a lot of anti fur protestors, and the winters were much milder, I didn’t keep the full length mink.

I have black gloves with silver fox trim, but no fur coat anymore.

My late Aunt wore fur, but not my Mother..
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Okay so my mom has recently had to sell her full length golden island Fox fur coat. It had been sitting in her closet and she hasn’t been able to wear it since like 2010 since fur has gotten out of style. She had so much great memories with that coat. Growing up in Chicago during the 1980s all the women would wear full length fox fur coats everywhere.

Now for the most part my mom was always the odd woman out for most of the decade since she didn’t get her full length golden island Fox fur coat until Christmas of 1986. She used to always go ask women wearing full length fox fur coats when she saw them on the streets about their coats.

I remember her always telling my dad about all the women around her who got or wear wearing full length fox fur coats to work. She used to always leave out newspaper clippings of fur coat ads. She even would make me and my brother stop at fur coat stores so she could try them on.

Now back in 1985 her sister had gotten a full length fox fur coat and that drove her nuts. I also remember her twice coming home from events where once her and my dad went out with my aunt and uncle to an opera and with a friend of hers and her husband and she was not only the only woman of the three not wearing a full length fox fur coat but also the only woman on line to get in not wearing a fur coat.

The other time was when she went out to one of my dads office functions back in January of 1986 and when they went to the coat check in front of line a four women ahead of her my mom was the only one to not get a fur coat back and it was quite awkward.

I remember my mom also borrowed my aunts fur coat once before going out in February of 1986 and she said once she wore a fox fur coat nothing could compare. So for Christmas in 1986 my dad finally got her a full length golden Island fox fur coat and she went crazy the second she opened up her present and saw the signature white box that most fur coats came in back then.

She wore that coat all the time and I remember when she went out wearing it women would always ask to try it on. She loved that coat so much and it’s a shame that she had to sell it recently.
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Okay for my mom I would definitely say that her life changed a lot after finally getting a full-length Fox fur coat for Christmas in 1986. Living in Chicago in the 1980s a full-length fox fur coat was the most coveted thing a woman could own. My mom used to beg my dad for one like crazy and would constantly leave out newspaper clippings from fur coat stores. She would also go into fur coat stores and try on different fur coats. Now as I also mentioned before my Aunt got a full-length fox fur coat and once my mom tried it on she spent the whole year complaining to my dad about not owning one and would complain about how she saw women wearing them on the street and how when she went out to events she was often the only woman without a full-length fox fur coat. I remember when she finally got her full-length golden Island fox fur coat back in 1986 for Christmas I remember her going crazy with excitement and she would wear that coat wherever she went.
does she still wear it?