For those who go indoor tanning...

  1. What's your favorite lotion, oil, bronzer, etc.?
  2. Of course, I have to say this is bad for you and just fake tan, but....

    I used to work at a tanning salon and nothing beat Swedish Beauty. It's a great accelerant. It will turn you tingly red for a little while after you use it (an hour or so) and doesn't offer any protection.
  3. I use California Tan CT7 Quattro bronzer & I LOVE it. It gives you the best color without the tingle. It runs about $78.00 in the salon but I have been getting it on ebay for less then half.
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  5. OOOhhhh! Don't do it anymore! You will look like leatherbags over time. It's a great short-term, immediate gains look, but in time your skin will get dry and lose elasticity. All you have to do is come down here to Florida and you will see these young women who look ancient now with saggy wrinkily legs and arms. Sure, they look browned and tanned, but the skin's elasticity won't come back...ever. Save your skin and get some shimmer tan in a bottle-- Victoria's Secret, NARS, and MAC have sexy ones that won't give you melanoma in 5 years!! Sorry, just had to write this since I care about you all out here in the PF!
  6. I have to second this! I was a devout "tanner" for a number of years. I am only 29, but have had two squamous cell carcinoma tumors removed--one from the front of my calf, the other from my EYE! Squamous cell carcinoma is very rare in someone my age and my doctors firmly believe my years of indoor tanning are to blame. Thankfully, the cancer did not spread nor have we found any other tumors in the past 8 months.

    Believe me--I struggle with being pale! There are even times I contemplate going back, but realize that would super dumb. I hate sunless tanning products so I have resigned myself to the fact that I will never have a tan again.

    You know what's frustrating? Even though both my mom and sister saw what I had to go through with both tumors, they STILL tan religiously! To each his own, I guess.
  7. Get a tan in a bottle! I used to go tanning in a bed a whole lot and last year I had some spots removed from my back. I was scared to death and I will never use a tanning bed again! It's not worth it...your life is more important!

  8. Very well said. :yes:
  9. Vuittonhammie-- Amen!! Great advice!
  10. Thank you all for your concern. :flowers:

    I'm well aware of the risks involved and would prefer to keep this thread related to my original post/question. :smile:
  11. I'm 38 and have been tanning this year. I've been buying some stuff from the salon that has chocolate in the name but I can't remember the whole name. It is unreal how dark I get with one session. However, I'd just like to take this opportunity to annoy you one last time with my own experience:smile: I always looked about five years younger and have noticed that I look my age now. It must be the tanning. It's the only thing I started doing different this year. I love how I look with a tan, but I sure don't want to look saggy and wrinkled. Thanks for allowing me one last post on the subject.