For those who find the Damier speedy too common..........


Would you buy this bag? (if it was from a mypoupette seller)?

  1. Definitely!

  2. Maybe

  3. ewwww

  4. I'd rather pay the extra 30% and get it from Vuitton

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  1. Damier Ellipse 1.jpg Damier Ellipse 2.jpg Damier Ellipse 3.jpg
  2. that is really nice! didnt know Damier came in that style-I learn at least 3 new things about LV a day here!:flowers:
  3. Actually it doesn't; it's a special order. :yes:
  4. I think it's cute. Different. I think I like it!!
  5. LOVE IT!!!:love:
  6. i've never really looked at the Ellipse... i guess the shape doesnt do anything for me... but i like it better in the daimer than the mono!
  7. get it =D I love the shape of it =D
  8. I think i would get it thought louis vuitton.
  9. Gorgeous!
  10. I never really liked the shape of the Ellipse.
  11. i don't like that at all...
  12. I love the ellipse...the mono's gorgeous IRL. I'm sure damier is too! Go for it!
  13. I LOVE IT!!!! I loved my mono ellipse...I think you should get it for SURE!!!!
  14. i never liked the Ellipse bag (Mono, Epi or Damier). same goes with the Mini Looping. sorry.
  15. haha- thanks for the encouragement everyone, but I'm really not interested in it. I just thought it was interesting and would make a good thread. :biggrin: