For those who expressed concerns about the sales....

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  1. ....and what it may be doing to price points on RM as well as other designer bags, this is for you. No worries, it appears to be a good thing for our economy! ;)

    By Victoria Colliver
    San Francisco Chronicle
    Web produced by: Jessica Noll

    "We've come to a point where every retailer, in some way, is a discounter," said Michael Niemira, chief economist and director of research for the International Council of Shopping Centers.
    "All this price pressure ultimately is part of the correction for this recession," Niemira said. "Demand weakens and, with it, prices. At some point the lower prices trigger spending."
  2. Good post. Thanks for sharing! I was bothered at first only because it was disheartening to buy a bag for full price that was just released and see it so cheap elsewhere at the same time. It's one thing for a bag to go on sale weeks after it's been released but immediately upon being released? Eek! Anyway, I'm over it, got over it pretty quick but I'm glad to see it's good for our economy! Does that mean that I should buy another mini nikki to help? LOL! (dh would not agree!)
  3. Of course!! :nuts:
  4. I'm glad to know I'm doing my part!

    Thanks for posting.