For those who choose not to eat dairy...

  1. ...why?

    I'm not talking about those who are allergic, intolerant or just don't like dairy. But I've noticed some people saying they don't eat dairy and I was wondering what the reason was. Health? Diet? I'm curious.

    I know I read somewhere that giving up dairy can help with weight loss...?
  2. not to step on any toes here, but unless one cant consume dairy for health reasons, or its very expensive, i dont think one should cut it out of your diet. it is an essential to ones diet, and if someone isnt drinking like, cows milk, i would hope they are substituting with another form of milk or something that provides the calcium and vitamin d, etc.
  3. Really good article on whether dairy is the best source of calcium and Vitamin D:

    Also, for many people, dairy products produce an inflammatory response in the body and can cause intestinal issues. Additionally, some are mildly or severely lactose intolerant.

    Also, the United States population ingests more dairy than any other country in the world and we have the highest rate of osteoporosis in the world. Bone density loss occurs for more reasons than just diet.

    I personally don't believe that dairy is needed in one's diet. At one point people didn't eat dairy products at all (before dairy farming). Since I gave up dairy, I haven't had any bloating or digestion issues. I eat a lot of vegetables, including leafy greens.
  4. I don't think its necessary to have dairy because you can get calcium from greens(as Odette pointed out). From all the evidence that i seen, cows milk is not really tolerated well by human body(unlike goat's milk). I'm among people who can't have milk- I have some lactoise intolerance because i can eat yogurt and cheese but not milk. I just use soy milk in my coffee instead
  5. I wish I could remember where I read it, but I did read something recently about how diary can cause bad skin/breakouts with some people. I'm a bit interested in that.
  6. I don't eat dairy for ethical reasons. And have to say soya milk is the best invention ever.:p
  7. ^ Agreed. Soy milk is great - so much nuttier and creamier.

    I completely disagree that humans are 'meant' to drink cows milk or any other animal's milk for that matter. Um...its like an entirely different species, other animals sure as hell don't drink our breast milk :confused1: I think more people should do research and such about how the dairy industry actually works. Cows don't just produce milk without negative consequences.

    To answer you're question OP, I stopped using dairy originally for ethical reasons, however having done it I can see that it has helped my health greatly (not just cutting out milk, but totally eliminating dairy - no cream, yoghurt, ice-cream, chocolate etc...Even changed my protein power to a vegan one).
  8. I could probably give up yogurt and eggs, but cheese would be tough.