For those who bought LV goods in Paris

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  1. Hi, just wondering if you paid additional taxes to the customs in your country when you declared your purchases? I was given a form for tax refund which I have to present in the European country where I will be exiting, that means I have to declare whaever I bought. I spent about 1200euro, ang will get about 120euro back as a refund. Im just thinking if it is worth it to get the refund? Im worried that I might have to pay extra taxes when I get home in Canada. Also do they really check the items? Im planning to put my purchases in my luggage & will be leaving 1 item to my cousin in UK. Any advice??? TIA!!!
  2. the states, we're allowed to bring back $800 USD/per person or $1600 per couple before we are taxed by customs.....I would check the Canadian customs website-it may give you the amount you are allowed to return with before you are taxed. I've never gone over that amount and therefore haven't had to pay taxes.

  3. I suggest that you pack the purchases which you are claiming VAT refund in your carry-on because sometimes EU customs will ask to see your purchase before stamping your form.
  4. i agree . been to paris a couple of times (would say about 10x) and as far as i can remember, there's only one time that the woman customs asked to see the goods. so pack in your carry-on just in case.

    as far as taxes like missbanff says, check with canada customs.

    good luck!
  5. Does the percentage of the VAT refund differ if you paid for your LV purchase using traveller's cheques vs. credit card?

  6. No, it makes no difference. You will get 12% back. I find it is easier and quick, to get the credit on my card.
  7. thanks ladies!!! I packed my purchases in my carry-on and yup, they ask me to see it. They stamped my form but I wasn't able to get my refund rightaway as they need to make an amendment in the VAT form becaue 1 item was not with me as I gave it to my cousin. Now, I have to mail the form to Paris and hopefully, I'll get my cheque soon. Thanks for all your help ladies! =)
  8. Hi mom2j, did you pay any custom fee when you get home in Canada? Or should I say how much did you declare? I think we're only allowed $750 if you were gone for a week.
  9. Hi There,

    Nope, I declared 1200euro and I didn't pay any taxes in Canada. We were gone for 9 days and looks like the customs officer combined me and my husband's tax exemption. I actualy made a mistake, I should have not declared 1 item that I gave as a gift to my cousin in UK. HTH! ;)
  10. Hi mom2j,

    My husband and I are planning to go to Paris this coming September and I'm thinking of buying the zippy wallet, do you think it worth it to buy it there? I've heard it's cheaper in France and since we're eligible to get the 12% VAT. I'm trying to compare the prices here in Toronto with the 13% tax and Paris which I think the exchange rate is quite high (but I get the 12% back anyway). How much did you save overall? thanks.
  11. I saved a total of about 20% in Paris vs. the USA.
  12. VAT newb here! How difficult is this process? Is the refund filed at the LV store, or at the airport? Thank you ladies! :smile:
  13. I bought my bags at the LV at Galleries Layfayette (large luxury dept. store), and they had a tax refund desk in the basement. You just show your receipts and then they'll process a form for the refund. Don't forget to bring your passport. You get to choose cash or a refund on your credit card. I got the credit card refund because you get 12% back versus cash. But there's a waiting period of about 2 months for the refund. When you're at the airport, you go to the tax refund desk and the customs officers will stamp the forms and you'll have to mail the stamped form.
  14. I always choose the cash option. You just go and get your papers stamped, and then turn around and you go to the AMEX exchange and get your money. They take SOME comission out so you end up getting a bit of 10% back. :smile: I prefer having the cash with me than running the risk of papers getting lost in the mail. :biggrin:

    I did do the CC option once, my first time, and it went fine. Not sure WHY I'm even being so paranoid.. but oh well. :smile:

    They usually ask me to see the stuff I bought. Once, they even asked to see my gucci shoes! and they asked my hubby to show him the VERSACE suit (on sale) but not his GIVENCHY which had cost at least 3 times more :weird:

    perhaps the customs officer wanted to see what that suit on sale looked like? LOL
  15. when they refund you on your CC, they convert the euros to your home currency at a really bad rate, no??

    thanks for the info btw...very helpful!