For those who bought items from Catarina last month...

  1. did UPS send you a bill for like 23 dollars? a "international package services invoice"? what is this about?
  2. I got one of those too! I called the number on the paper and talked to a few people and *poof* they made the fee dissapear. I think it has something to do with ups, and not with customs like they say
  3. O.O; can you tell me what you told them? because i seriously dont want to pay... i already got charged fees when it crossed the border from canada and i paid shipping so... yea >.<;

    please and thank you!
  4. i said that I had already paid enough in fees (canadian tax, shipping, etc...) and that if I had known they were going to charge me again this much money I wouldn't have even ordered the bags. I had to ask to speak to a manager because the phone rep wasn't helpful, but the manager was very happy to take care of my problem.
  5. wah >.< this is so troublesome. well thanks i will call tomorrow and see how it goes...

    btw... if i dont pay what will they do to me >_>; they wrote my name wrong on the invoice too haha
  6. Good luck with it - just remember, everybody wants to make the customer happy. you could always threaten to switch to fed-ex :graucho:
  7. bah T-T what if they say no to me and give me a hard time? i'm not very good at arguing with people to get what i want... wah...

    would it be ok if i mention you and say that you got your fees removed?
  8. How weird, I didn't get anything from UPS. Thanks for posting, though - now I'll know how to handle it if I do.
  9. What's Catarina? Is it a store in Canda? :confused1:
  10. ^ yup
  11. Oh I haven't seen anything yet. So you called UPS or Catrina to straighten it out? I haven't checked my mailbox at work where I had it shipped. I better start checking my mailbox then!! eek. I sure don't want to pay another fee!! Thanks for the heads up.
  12. this makes me sad lol. i wasnt told anything about an extra fee and now this pops up D: no fair.
  13. I think it's a fee UPS collects when items are shipped cross the border.
    I ordered a Trasporto Dolce from last month and they sent it to me via UPS.
    I live in Canada. When the UPS carrier came he asked me for CAD $53 before letting me have the parcel! I was shocked. I knew that I had to pay tax for the bag but it's 13% and the bag was only US$80.
    When I read the bill carefully afterwards, I found that UPS collected CAD$29.99 as 'clearing fee':wtf::wtf::wtf:
    So I paid a total of US$80+US$8.50 (shipping)+CAD$53 for a Dolce!
    I will never order from again.
  14. bah... thats really terrible.

    i will call tomorrow and hopefully get it cleared. ive bought things out of the country before and i never got fined for it D:
  15. Good luck to you!
    I've bought items from other sellers cross the border/overseas who sent them by mail. I was charged for the tax only when my postman delivered the parcel, not any 'clearing fee'. So I think it's just UPS who tries to make money.