for those who bought from authentic_lvlady

  1. im still waiting for my bag to arrive.. urghhh its been a week since she got my payment... how long should i wait! im sooo soooo nervous right now:cursing: :sweatdrop: ... urghhh philippines is so near from HK... help, oh man what should I do?:sad:
  2. I wouldn't worry about it. I haven't purchased from her but she is a very good seller on eBay. One thing for sure is she didn't run away with your money. No worries.
  3. don't worry; you'll get it. i've bought from her, and it arrived very soon after she received payment :yes:
  4. but sandra, my location is just hrs away from HK... :crybaby: its been a week now... she said she used speedpost... :crybaby: :sad: but it is sooo slow....
  5. maybe it's being held up by customs :shrugs:
  6. Yup:yes:
    do you have a tracking #? you could ask her.
  7. Yup its customs...I orderes a purseket and it took like 2 weeks all becasue of customs
  8. I've bought something from her too early this year. Don't worry about it, it will arrive. It's just that our postal system SUCKS so everything arrives late, especially in my area (southern part of the Philippines).
  9. A week is not long at all. I´ve been meaning to order from her. Hate customs!
  10. Did you ask for the tracking #? Might be held by customs as the ladies said. I've bought from her and it usually arrives within 5 days from the day I paid.
    Ask for the tracking # if you haven't done so and track it online.:yes:
  11. urghhhhh!! to hell with customs...:cursing: :cursing: hey there cubby, southern where?cebu??
  12. yes i have been checking it every now and then,, i guess the problem is here in manila... ugh!!:Push: :yucky:
  13. Maybe the smell of mothballs killed the postman lol

  14. I don't get it. Maybe I'm slow or maybe it's because I never bought from her. Does her things smell like mothballs or something?
  15. Yes she is known for that. She does it to protect the bags. Some pfers said that the bags smell a lot.