For those who asked modeling pics MbMJ poppy softy faridah

  1. I LOVE her! She's like puddin'! She's gorg from her color to her hardware, down to her feet! She melts against me! Really LUUUUVVVV! :heart::heart::heart:
  2. Faridah looks gorgeous on u...such a smooshy bag :smile:
  3. wow- that color is gorgeous! and your hair style is sooo cute!
  4. wow, I loooove the color on your bag~ hihi
    is this "poppy" color the same for all the bags ? ..
    have seen on some pictures and it looks like dark red..
    I looove this color and want to buy a bag in "poppy" but so unsure "which" red it is .
  5. This is from the 07 resort line. I think the poppy in spring-summer is the same coral-y red. It does look a little washed out in my photos because the lighting is very yellow. IRL it's a coral-red.
  6. Congrats! It looks fab on you! :nuts:
  7. WOW!! I am lovin' that bag on you!!!!
  8. She's beautiful and looks great on you.
  9. I carried mine today for the first time....I love the purse and how funny I have almost the same haircut as you. I love everything about this purse and I'm crazy about the color. Yeah for us.
  10. Ooh, that looks really good on you! I love the bright color against your dark outfit, and the shape looks soo comfy and cute!
  11. You look fabulous with that bag--stunning color!!
  12. Such a delicious bag!! It looks fabulous on you! Thanks for the modeling pics!:tup:
  13. Oooooh, gorgeous, thanks for posting!
  14. Oh I LOVE! It looks gorgeous on you!
  15. Super cute! I love how it's one of those colors that just catches your eye as you're walking down the street. Congrats!!