For those who are unable to make to MOCA in LA

  1. WoW! Thanks for sharing!
  2. Amazing masterpiece. I wish i was there.
  3. Thanx for posting...

    you really can't see but this girl has a cherry blossom pap along with her neverfull...

  4. Holly Smokes, his artwork is amazing. I love the colors.
    I wish I could be there for myself!
    Absolutely stunning.
  5. Amazing - after seeing this, I just HAVE to get to LA before February! Thanks so much for sharing the link!
  6. Woah. I seriously love that.
  7. Interesting! Looking forward to visiting the exhibit!
  8. you' re welcome... i wish i could make some time to go to LA in Dec..... love his art work
  9. :hysteric: now im thinking how and when to fly myself to LV I need to get a rond and a WM agenda...
  10. woah. craziness.:yes:
  11. ok i totally need to take a road trip to LA! that looks so much fun, i would love seeing all that in person.

    and i want one of those agendas! i'll take a coin purse while I'm at it!
  12. wow ... thank you so much for sharing!
  13. Nice! Some are a bit odd but I love the flowers especially.
  14. Thanks for sharing.

    Everything is pretty. So excited to visit the exibit and see everything IRL. :yahoo: