For Those who are interested

  1. i went yesterday shopping since i was willing to buy me speedy .. and toured the mall and checked all brand stores


    Cognac Spy
    Black Spy
    Squirreled Spy
    Tulle Spy in Black color
    They also had the new double F denim line in different shapes


    Gauchos were there .. Doubles.. Meduims and Small ones in white.. Red and Olivish

    Perforations were available in pochette and small leather goods

    Hope i could help u with my post =)
  2. YSL had several Muses as well
  3. Thanks for posting! Good report!
  4. I love shopping reports!
  5. Daisy and Addicted =) its my job ... we support and help each other =) wish if i can do more
  6. Where are you located and are you talking about the YSL boutique or another store? What sizes and colors plz?