For those who are carrying low...

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  1. I'm carry my daughter very low, and when she kicks me, it feels like she is kicking me in my vaginal area....

    I'm freaking out, because I get neverous that shes trying to get out. I know its silly, but its a really weird feeling and it makes me

    Anyone else feeling these types of kicks?
  2. I always get this as I carry all mine very low, I agree, it's a strange sensation!
  3. I've had that many times until she went head down....its awkwardly weird, I agree! Sometimes it was downright painful!!!!:Push:
  4. I am carrying low too...but her head is now engaged in my pelvis area and when she wiggles her head,'s the WEIRDEST feeling! It's worse when I have to go pee!
  5. Oh my gosh!! I totally know what you're talking about...the craziest feeling! When she turns her head, all of a sudden I have to pee realllly bad and it feels so strange....:wtf:
  6. Ok, hearing this makes me feel a lot better.... Weird sensations is putting it Lots of pressure...yikes..
  7. ^how far along are you?

  8. Today I hit 24 weeks. I'm due May 22nd.
  9. Well, hopefully in the next few weeks your little one will flip around on you and you wont have those little feet doing a tap dance on your cervix!! lol Good luck!
  10. oh yes i get those kicks or punches and they are a very weird sensation!!
  11. Turn that soon? My OB said she hopes baby doesn't turn until after the 35th week for a healthy birth.
  12. ^Eh? My bubs turned early, like around the 28th week and stayed like that and she's perfectly healthy! My doctors never mentioned that it was bad for baby to turn that early.

    For me it didn't matter if baby was sitting or head down, it always felt like she was trying to kick or poke her way out.
  13. Um that' bunk. If she hasn't turned by 35th week, they'll start getting you ready for a c-section because the later in pregnancy you are, the less space there is to turn.

    FWIW, both my babies were in head down positions by 22 or 23 weeks and stayed that way and I had two very healthy babies born vaginally w/o drugs or assistance..
  14. Could placenta preva keep the baby from turning? I have marginal preva, but my OB is going to check me again at 28 weeks.
  15. Im not a doctor but I don't think so....Placent previa would prevent a couple different things (like vaginal delivery and ability to have sex) but I doubt it would prevent the baby from turning....