For those up north in Chicago and other cold areas ...

  1. Please be careful in this beyond frigid weather.

    Also please quickly collect any old coats, pants,sweaters, old ski clothes, gloves, hats, blankets, etc. from your immediate social circle. Get them to your homeless shelter, churches, etc. Don't take them to a donation center that will take forever to sort and then sell them. Take the most direct route. You might pass a poor neigborhood on your way home. People need these things now. Even folks who are not homeless are without heat, and need these things. Children are in need of everything.

    In Atlanta, a small group of us just cleaned out closets and dropped some things off in areas where known homeless congregate. Be cautious of your own safety, go with several others in your car, and just quickly drop them off. You can roll down the window and hand them out. The folks were very grateful. Underpasses and doorways of various churches are a common place to find them. We dropped some things off at a local soup kitchen. You will be surprised at how many folks you see when you start looking for them.