For those that use BE

  1. Quick question, I am about to purchase the starter kit and was wondering if it came with a cream concealer. I have a feeling it does not, but if so does the line have one? Any suggestions for any other lines? Thx
  2. I am not sure if the starter kit comes with concealer. Have you ever used BE before? I love it, but I recently realized that the breakouts I've been having were from the bismuth in the BE makeup. I suggest doing a test on your skin first to see if it breaks you out. Maybe order the foundation on eBay or go into Sephora or Ulta and have them put it on you. I am bummed because I have SOOOOOO much of it! I use Everyday Minerals foundation now and my skin seems to like it much better.
  3. BE does not make a cream concealer as far as I know. They do make a multi-tasking mineral powder that supposedly works as a concealer, but I didn't think it made a difference. If you get the more expensive kit it should come with a concealer brush that you can use to apply the foundation on spots where you need more coverage. I tried using BE with a regular concealer and it worked, but for concealing blemishes, nothing I've tried has worked better than applying BE with their concealer brush. It makes them so inconspicuous they almost disappear....
  4. No it doesn't come with a cream concealer. You shouldn't wear cream concealers if you're using powder foundation, or you'll look polka dotty. Instead use concealer in a powder form. If you're new to BE, make sure you use all their products - primer, foundation then finishing powder. Many people just use their foundation alone and find that they breakout because bismuth oxychloride reacts with their skin.
  5. i bought the kit and i believe u use the concealer brush that comes with it to apply the foundation as a concealer.. there was no jar marked concealer. the kit comes with a video to show you how to apply everything
    i personally put regular foundation and concealer on and then i give my face a buffing with the BE..idk if its just me but my face felt super oily with only the BE on
  6. no cream concealer, but they have what is called "bisque" which i use as my concealer. if i have a darker spot that the bisque doesn't cover as well as a cream concealer, (and don't be weirded out) i wet my finger a little bit, put some bisque on it, and tap it on my trouble spot. after buffing on my foundation it all blends evenly. i echo using their products together as much as possible. occasionally i use another brand eye color, lip color, or cheek color, but always use BE's foundation, bisque, and mineral veil.