for those that use a wristlet as a wallet

  1. how do u keep everything organized?

  2. haha I guess I don't really keep it that organized!
    I usually use it as a wallet and stick a mini skinny in there to hold money and credit cards etc. But since I've lost my credit card I have boughten a new wallet cause I don't think using a wristlette as a wallet is very safe.
  3. I use one of those plastic card holder things to keep my cards in order and stick that in my wristlet. Receipts and bills are thrown in there too. I usually don't carry change with me because it can get kind of bulky in the wristlet.
  4. I just stick my money and change in the larger inside pocket .. my DL and other cards in the smaller inside pocket and my cellphone in the outside pocket...put the wristlet in my swingpack and i'm ready to go....
  5. I guess mine isnt organized, but mine is the soho flap one, so the pocket i put change and id and cc's in, and then the zip pocket i put bills in, and receipts.
  6. I suppose it's as organized as I need it to be...ID and CC's together, cash folded next to cc's. And I don't usually carry all goes in the Coach Fund jar!!:smile: Someday I'll get a real wallet....
  7. Organized??! hahaha

    I love carrying a wristlet, though, because if I hop out of the car and Hub stays inside I can just loop my hand through my wristlet and run inside.

    I just have my D.L. and C.C. inside. I may carry a little cash but never ever coins. If I pay cash for something and get coins back I give it to my daughter or, if I am alone, just tell the cashier I don't want it.
  8. I just stick everything in my Legacy Fold Over Wristlet, which has like, 4 compartments. I love it!
  9. I sometimes use a legacy wristlet as a wallet (though I far prefer my French purse), and I keep the cc in the front pocket and cash in the main compartment. I usually keep my DL with the cash so it is easier to find. But a real wallet is definitely worth the investment.
  10. Depending on how big the wristlet is. I usually put my keys, cell phone, and a few credit cards and ID in the slot, I also have a Lodis little wallet that's small enough to fit inside.
  11. mine isn't organized either... but i have a little silver credit card holder where I have my ID, insurance card, credit card, etc...
  12. i wanted to get one today but didnt know what i'd use it for hmmm.

    i have a michael kors wristlet that i use as a wallet, and also as a demi sometimes (i heart this bag) but i put a mini skinny in it and it works perfectly... especially when i decide to use it as the wallet of my bag (which is most every day, then i just tuck a few things away to convert it for night time)
  13. I use my mini skinny inside of my wristlet, but all wristlets are not large enough to do that.
  14. wow you guys really don't like coins eh?
    lol the pocket isn't big enough for too many coins, so as soon as i get some, like at the end of the day i empty out whats in there into my piggy bank (yes it's really a pig) and save all the coins for my next fund! (like right now i've got over 55 $$ save for myrtly beach outlets, just in change!)
    lol it's like the life insurance commerical.....[​IMG] there you can see the wistlet....pardon all the junk por-favor!
  15. Hey, meganlovescoach.... I have the same wristlet! Love!