For those that requested a picture...

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  1. Here it looks big in the photo? But, it looks small IRL!
  2. I really like this bag!
  3. Looks perfect on you! I LOVE Gunmetal!
  4. Very nice! I do love that of the girls I work with has it.
  5. Well, it looks great on you!! And I love the gunmetal...but if it doesn't work for you then I say absolutely get the next size up!
  6. I bought that for my mom last year and she didn't want it! So I returned it, but now I wished I kept it for myself instead of returning it! :P It does look cute !
  7. I love your wall. lmao! I like the purse too, but the colors of your wall are sooo pretty!
  8. looks great on you! :tup:
  9. I love this bag! I have it in the brown sig stripe. Seeing all of the gunmetal sig stripe totes definitely makes me want one!
  10. I love that bag! It looks great on you!
  11. Love it!!! Thanks for shararing
  12. I like it!
  13. Thank you! ITS my dining room and my fave color is red!! LOL
  14. I think i will! for some reason it looks bigger than IRL, online, and not half bad. but in person it looks child size! LMAO
  15. Off topic...are your doggies Papillons? :love: