For those that own a Black Lily...

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  1. HI everyone-

    Last week I almost took the plunge. I unstuffed her, put my stuff in, and was moments away from ripping off the tags and taking her for a spin. However, my Lily seems very dry.

    Does anyone who owns the Black Lily find the leather dull/dry, or is mine just a dud? Is that just how the bag is suppose to be? I really wish it had the Felicia leather.

    So, the Camel and Black Medium Lilys still sit unused and I shipped off Whiskey to the BF for use over the next two weeks.

    What's a girl to do with no Lily? [carrying my Damier speedy and loving it!]
  2. You are not alone!
    My Lily went through the same process as yours... unstuffing, trying on in front of the mirror, trying it on for any of my friends who came over.
    After about a month, I finally returned her.
    She's such a beautiful bag to look at with all her hardware, but then i'd try her on and itjust didnt look right. It was a hard decision for me, so I understand what your going through.
    I cant comment on the black leather though, mine was walnut. From what I've heard from others, people seem split. Some love black legacy leather, others hate it.
    You'll come to the right decision eventually. Good luck!
  3. You're right...It's not a shiny leather. It's a vintage leather which is more like glove-like in appearance.
  4. I haven't had the dryness happen to my Black Lily, but it did with my Black Mandy. She's gone now, because I couldn't stand the way it looked.
  5. I have 2 legacy leather bags in black and the leather definately is more vintagey looking. I haven't experienced any dryness w/ my black lily...
  6. I have a black medium lily. My lily, the XL black lily I returned and the med. black lily I saw yesterday at the Coach store all have the same type of black leather. It is not shiny at all (like an Ali). It is more of a dull or dry black leather. I really like it. It keeps the bag from being too dressy IMO (like the black Miranda leather). I is also very easy to wear and maintain. It is not showing scratches at all so far (like Whiskey, Clay, etc).

    I REALLY like mine. The double pockets are amazing! I've used it all week (which for me is unusual). I've even been wearing it over my shoulder, which is a nice surprise. But, if you don't like the dull look of the leather, I can see where this might not be the bag for you. Good luck!