For those that love to collect inclusion bracelets

Jun 5, 2006
Queens, NY
I love all the inclusion bracelet colors, but only have one so far. I love the way they looked when they are stacked...multiple in the PM size and maybe one GM for effect. So my question is, how do you determine what size you will purchase? Do I go for the PM size since they are easier to stack?


Lovin My Little Girl
May 23, 2007
I think the pm is a great size for anyone, deifnately if you are going to stack them!


Feb 15, 2007
i like the GMs better....but some only come in PM so....i try to get GM first then PM...but usually...i just buy PM. unfortunately i didnt really catch on until like aramante came along...i would have LOVED to get that in GM but they didnt make it.. so i got a PM then my bf also got me a framboise...which also came only in PM

I would really LOVE to come across a Transparent GM
and i still dont know if i want a pomme one yet..that comes in PM & GM (but i like never wear red...i dont like red on me)
I want to get the new black one in GM
and I want to get the Grey in GM & then PM

lol. they are uber addicting!