For those that have tried the various clip-in hair extensions...

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  1. can see the length of my hair in my avatar. My goal is to only get minimal trims and keep growing as much as possible until I leave for Iraq. I know it won't get very much longer, but we'll see! There is a regulation that dictates that one's hair can't touch their collar. It must be shorter than that to be worn down, or you must pull it back into a secure bun.

    You can imagine where I'm going with this!

    I don't want to keep cutting my hair to keep it within regs, because I would like to have it longer eventually (as long as it takes!)...and by the time it gets as long as I want it to be, I can pull it back on its own.

    So, my idea was to get some of those HairDo clip in extensions by Jessica Simpson and clip them in so my hair is long enough to pull back while I'm deployed. What do you all think of that idea? I refuse to get the ones that are sewn into your hair - I want to be able to remove them and not totally risk damaging my hair. I'm not afraid of using bobby pins and hair spray to secure the shorter pieces that may still have trouble blending in with the bun.

    Any other ideas are welcome, but I just want to get a stamp of approval to see if this idea will even be feasible! No worries about heat styling or anything else, they would basically be clipped in just to pull back into a bun.
  2. I saw a tutorial of this girl putting one in her hair & it looks really natural. I think they are a good temporary solution to having long hair until you can get your hair the length you want it. Here's the tutorial I found online. Not sure if it's any help, but it's interesting to see how it turns out. She used the Jessica Simpson extensions as well:
  3. jessica simpson pieces look good but for a little more you can buy real hair which is much better quality.... sythetic hair is harder to maintain.....
  4. ^Right, but my purposes for the hair will be solely to use to help pull my hair back into a bun, while in uniform, that's it really.
  5. hmm.... There is a shorter style in the JS that would look great on you... I love the way the JS looks but I find them hard to maintain (I have had 2 in the past). After a while the ends go funny. I don't know about the US but in Aus we have alot of hair pieces from celebrity wigs. These come in real and synthetic.... I find These to be really good / easy to put in / maintain etc....

    I thought the US had heaps and heaps of hair places.... we have close to nothing over here!! hehee....

    Let me know how it goes and post a pic for sure!!
  6. I will definitely have to shop around to find ones that stay put in a bun easily and don't fall out...!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.