For those that have the BH -

  1. For the buckles on the side- which hole do you prefer yours fastened in? I think there are three. I just got mine and I have noticed that buckling it in the last hole gives it a different (less wide) look. Just wondering what others are doing. I am not sure I am feeling the love for this bag...:crybaby:
  2. I usually keep them in the middle, but I do make sure to switch off a little so that the vachetta can develop evenly, I find when you keep straps buckled in the same spot all the time you will have that mark on the strap forever.....
  3. yeah, i do exactly what lola24 does...I switch off everynow and then with the wholes so that the patina develops evenly and so the vachetta leather doesn't get any marks from the hardware...but I think the most comfortable position for me is either the middle or the longest setting...hope this helps!!
  4. Mine are in the middle but Lola has a great point. Thanks Lola.
  5. I like the straps in the middle hole.

    I'm sorry you're not loving the BH. What don't you like?
  6. In the middle.

    If you are not sure about a bag, return it. You can always get it back when you change your mind.

    I love mine and have been using it for work since I got it 10 days ago. It is a big bag if you don't normally take a lot with you to work or to shop.
  7. I keep mine in the middle holes. Sorry you're not loving the BH. I'm crazy about mine!
  8. Yup..I keep mine in the middle unless I have more things to hold..then I put them on the last hole.
  9. I've never moved mines from the middle, but now I'm thinking that I should move them around.
  10. Middle ...LOVE MY BAG...I used it today and sunday I LOVE IT FOR THE afternoon when I am running around doing errands ...LOVES IT:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
  11. I use the middle holes too, after reading this thread, I am going to use the other 2 holes as well!
  12. Mine was on the middle and if I need to put my book or something larger than I put it on the last hole.

    I do love the BH but not having a zipper is my biggest gripe. My PH arrived just this week, whilst the PH is smaller I love having a zip and the adjustable handles.