For those that have received their new pleated satchels....

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  1. I was wondering....does this bag have metal feet on the bottom? And I am trying to pick between the natural leather, the navy or pink patent...for those that have the regular leather, is it the kind of leather that will show scratches easily?
    Hopefully this will help me decide.....ugh...I wish I could get them all! :girlsigh:
  2. I too am interested in hearing whether the leather is the type that scratches easily - like the legacy leather does?
  3. Good question!!!
  4. hi - no there are no feet and sad to say, yes it is the vintage leather. The care card states no moisturizer or cleaner. However, my SA told me to use the Coach lotion. I don't know if i should though. My burnt orange bag does have a few minor scratches already, i will probably try to use my fingers first.

    I should mention on the pink patent the leather seems to be stronger than on the ergo patent pond tote i have. Seems to be a bit thicker.
  5. Does it fit over your shoulder well? Please can someone post pics wearing it? TIA! :girlsigh:
  6. So far I've received my Leather Burnt Orange Pleated Satchel, and I agree with pursegal's comments. The Vintage leather will show scratches, but I've been able to rub mine to barely visible. Also, no feet, but the bag stands on it's own.

    I'm somewhat of a traditionalist, and I hadn't considered wearing this satchel on my shoulder. IMO, satchels are handheld, but that's just me. I have tried it on my shoulder, it fits and I could put it there to keep it out of the way in a pinch.

    It's a beautiful bag and I can't wait to receive my Pink Patent on Monday!!!!!!!!!
  7. Thanks Coachgrl for the reply.

    I thought it had a 9 1/2 to 10 inch drop? Wouldn't you wear that on your shoulder? I know it's called a satchel, but IMO that's why the handle drop is so long.

    I like to wear my handbags on my shoulder. Just wondered if this was comfy or if the turnlock bothered your arm when you had it on.
  8. Your right, i rubbed mine out late last nite, and they are hardly there now. That is why that leather is so awesome. I agree too w/ the shoulder thing, i tried to relay this in another thread. I have carried her only on my arm/hand.
  9. Good to know! I have 2 Legacy shoulder bags with vintage leather and it doesn't bother me because they are easy to rub out a scratch if you get one...and I also have a Pond patent Ergo hobo that I love....

    I think I have decided on which one I am going to get! :smile: NAVY!!!!! I am a jeans and capri's type of girl so I think this will look so cute! But then again....that pink is GORGEOUS. Oh no....maybe I haven't!
  10. so your gonna get the navy denverjenny? ooo exciting if you do decide on it! i'm getting my navy patent satchel this wed! thats the reason i got this color because i'm a jeans/t-shirt/tank top type of gal, plus i LOVE BLUES!
  11. eeeekkkkkk! LOL! I *think* I am going to go for the navy....I really love pink too but I think I wouldn't want to use the pink year round and with the navy I could use it anytime right? They are all just SO pretty it's hard to pick! I'll be stalking TPF Weds waiting for your pics!!!!! YAY!!!!! :girlsigh:
  12. thats one reason i got the navy because I think you can wear it all year round... JMO... I really hope I do like it! I think TPF is gonna be a busy busy place this week for pics! Good Luck deciding denverjenny! If I wouldn't have picked the navy, I probably would've gone for a leather one... probably the natural or black pleated satchel... I'm not too much of a pink fan, but they all are gorgeous...