For those that have ebay and paypal and want a free $10...

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  1. Hey guys, I was notified of this site that is somewhat like auctionsniper, except they call you three minutes before an auction you're watching is done and you can bid on the phone!

    The best part-- at the moment, they are offering $10 paypal to anyone who signs up (for FREE) and then uses their phone service again, for free, to place a bid (even if you don't win the auction!) or even bid on a one cent auction..

    The site is certified OK by eBay, so if you want more info and the link just PM me with your email addy! I've already done it and received my ten bucks so I know it's okay :smile:
  2. This is possibly the worst idea for a business I've heard yet. You should really shill for something more worthwhile.
  3. :weird: Ick. I have to use a phone?
  4. IntlSet, what do you mean? I just signed up for the free ten bucks, but other people who told it to me said they would use it when an auction is ending and they weren't near a computer.

    And you do use a phone, but it is not an actual person, it's a recording. Cell phones are okay too, that's what I did mine on.
  5. I'm too lazy to get on the phone, I avoid that thing at all costs!:lol:
  6. No phones for me either. Just one more thing to do.
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