For Those That Have Been Following My Love Predicament....

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  1. This is just FUNNY!

    Ok. Yesterday was our Homecoming Day, or Decoration Day at church. For those of you that don't know what that is, it's when he "DECORATE," meaning put flowers on, the graves in the grave yard to remember the dearly departed, and then, in true Southern Style, WE EAT and have music until we can't eat or listen to music anymore. Of course the music is Gospel, this is a church thing.

    So after Sunday School is over, Isaac and me and the rest of the crew pile into our seats and Isaac decides to be Mr. Chatty and we start talking about everything. School, acting, music, just whatever pops into his head. And as I toss my hair out of my eyes, I see my ex-bf walk in. I, without thinking, shut my eyes and turn my head in 1 part horro 1 part disgust 1 part "What the hell!?" and Isaac picks up on it. When he asks if it's "That guy" behind me I nod, I tell him that so far he's been the only one I've dated and Isaac looks like he's discovered the biggest secret on earth! "OH!" He says out loud, his eyes getting the size of half dollars. Yadda yadda yadda, church starts and we have a reall great service.

    As the older ladies are preparing the food, getting it uncovered and set up in our outside pavillion, Isaac and I and Andrew, a friend, chat with another girl we go to church with, thank god not Amy, and then go through the line and get our food. Isaac and Andrew huddle up and sit together and I decide to eat with Mama and Daddy, since I don't want to eat with anyone else but Isaac, you know how it goes. And I tell myself that it's not worth getting my heart broken Sunday aft Sunday after Sunday...but then I tell myself, there's no way getting around him, no matter what I do, until God sends his Dad somewhere else, God forbid, he's great for our church, (plus on the church sign out front his name is permanently written there), Isaac is gonna be there, sitting next to me and in front of I get up, throw my plate away, go to the car and drop off my cell phone (cause I'd sent a text to the ex asking him where he'd run off to. He'd left in the middle of the service.) As I'm walking past Isaac and Andrew...I can't remember how it happened, I either stopped there or they called me over there. Either way I ended up standing there in front of them. And we talked for a while. Isaac and Andrew are planning a trip to Europe soon and they were talking about Paris...Isaac knows how bad I want to go to Paris. So I said send me a post card. And Isaac said, "Nah, we'll buy you something. Anything you want?" Being a female I said what any normal girl would say... "Diamonds." And, MUCH to my surprise, he said "Ok."

    So the band sings, badly, and we end up talking about Gospel music. Andrew asks me if I can play a certain song and I say "No" but that I can try. So we, being Me, Isaac and Andrew move our convos into the church where we sat and sang for 3 hours.

    Isaac flirted. I flirted back. It was very natural and you just almost had to be there. Eventually his parents come in to see what I've done to their son and end up singing with us. About 2 1/2 hours into our impromptu concert, I, sitting on the piano bench, turn around to see my ex-boyfriend. According to my mom and dad, he'd come back and specifically asked for me.

    All I know about Sunday is that is was a great day. Whether Isaac flirted intentionally or not, it was a great day. The music, the friendship...a 10.
  2. Ask him out already!!!! :girlsigh:
  3. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, always love to follow your love story missybaby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Sorry to be harsh - This Is Just my Opinion - but if he hasn't actually asked you out for a one on one nobody else tagging along date then he isn't going to - I don't care how much flirting he does! My advice would be to move on, he may realise just what he may have missed out on but he won't if your "Too Available".
  5. I don't think I'm "Too Avalible." Just "Avalible."

    Your probably right about him not asking me out, but he did say the other day that when I start photographing wedding, he'll come to the videography with me....which I felt was promising.

    A couple of Sundays ago, and I just now remembered this....I gave him a graduation card. He finally graduated from college (he's going back next year...different thing entirely) and I gave him his card and when he turned around to pick it up, he gave me a look that made Mama stop talking to a lady and look at him to make sure she was seeing things right. She said it was a look like he was "eating" me with his eyes. Why she said "eating I don't know." But for the rest of the day, he did that girly I'm looking at you but your not supposed to know it thing. Every chance he'd get he turn his head and glance my way.

    Last week I had to play the piano for service and when you do that you just sit in the corner next to the pianoin the amen corner and from there you can see everyone....I seriously thought I'd have to go down there and tell him to pay attention to his Daddy cause he was eye balling me so much.

    If he's not interested, he's a better actor than I thought. His parents are sort of off to one side too. They don't get too involved with families in the congregation, I figure because you never know when you'll be sent somewhere else....but they've been at our church 3 different times, we're all as close as you can get. Isaac and I have grown up makes good sense.

    Someone asked me the other day if we were dating because she said she saw sparks when we were talking after church....

    Whatever! It is what it is!
  6. Just ask him out. If he's interested he'll say yes.
  7. Missy...Missy Missy...I admire that you don't give up hope.

    One thing I picked out of your post..the Europe trip. I'm thinking if he was really interested, he'd have joked (or been serious) about you coming along. You've still not posted anything to show that he's genuinely interested. I'm sure he likes you on some level, but I can't see how it would be the way you want it. And really, I wish he did cause you seem like a good person, and I know you'd be a good girlfriend, but hey, sometimes, it's not not meant to happen.

    I say you just ask the boy out and be done with it. Although, I don't think you'll do it simply cause you're too wrapped up in the idea of him that you've built up in your head. You like the uncertainty and the remote possibility that he might like you. I think you know if you ask him out and he says no, you'll be devastated, and it sucks, cause I wish you realized that he's an idiot to say no to you.

    Let me just say this...the healthiest way to handle this would be to ask him out. If he says yes, fantastic...if not, move on to a man who will appreciate you for you and what you have to offer (which is a lot). Now go make things happen!!
  8. Absolutely!:yes:
  9. Ok, Charles, No. 1, I have a job this summer teaching piano and wouldn't be able to go if I wanted to....and how do you know he didn't joke about me coming along?

    I WOULD ask him out, cause I'm getting damned tired of waiting on him, but after our Youth Dating/Marriage/Parenthood weekend a couple of months ago I can't...why? Well because the man who was teaching said the guys ALWAYS ask the girls out. Not the other way around. I respect that man greatly and if I ask Isaac out, it will be slapping Bro. Ron's entire message in the face.
  10. Asking him out would probably relieve the pressure right now, regardless of the outcome. I asked a lad out once, there's no shame in it (also he said yes, lol).
    Perhaps you could ask the man who taught the Youth Dating/Marriage/Parenthood weekend what you ought to do?
  11. Cause, if he joked around about you going, you would have mentioned it. ;)

    Regarding the latter. Girls often ask guys out. It's up to you if you want to live your life following certain societal norms and customs and would sacrifice your possible happiness and a future boyfriend in order to respect Brother Ron.

    Just curious, what was Brother Ron's reason for a woman not being assertive in this manner? Also, was Issac at this dating weekend? In other words was he there for the message that guys ALWAYS ask the girls out?
  12. Hi Missy, Ages since I saw one of your posts so this has been going on for a long time therefore I think I agree with Cal & Charles just go for it, ask him out, you can do it in a roundabout way like there is something on that you have a spare ticket for or similar! No point in you going on building up your hopes & reading into things that may not exist if the guy is never going to ask you out so take control & find out for once & for all. Believe me if he is genuinely hooked on you it won't out him off! If he 's not interested then you can move on.
    I think you are perhaps enjoying the intrigue & the fantasy & don't want to burst the bubble?
    Seriously if he is not interested you are better to know now!
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