For those that have a Sabrina, small/med or large?

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Which size do you own?

  1. Small/medium

  2. Large

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. Just wondering for those of you that have a Sabrina or Sabrina(s) what size do you have? I have the small/med in Black and brass hardware.
  2. Hard to vote cause it depends on how you use the bag. I like smaller bags in general cause I'm a stubby person, so big bags just make me look like I'm 2 inches tall. I do like crossbody bags though, so from what I know, you can't do that with the small/medium (please enlighten me if I'm wrong, I'd love to be able to wear mine cross body!!), but can with the large. If you carry loads of stuff, large all the way. If you carry essentials and a bit more (like a scarf and gloves or something) a small is way more than sufficient in space.

    Final vote is small just because it's good for my purposes (minus crossbody), but think about how you like to carry your bags and how much stuff you put inside your bag. Many here say the small is too small.
  3. The small/medium holds everything I need to carry but I guess I could have probably gotten the large. I chose the small/medium because of my size. I'm 5 feet tall about 110 lbs. so the large probably would have looked too large. I just feel that this size compliments my body better.
  4. I love my small one! It is so much bigger than you think. I love it with the strap and handheld.
  5. I have the Large Cherry one and I love her so :yes:

    Such a classy purse ;)

  6. If I would've realized how much they hold...I may have went with the sm/med but I carry large bags and went with the large! Don't get me wrong, I can still fill her up, but the sm/med woulda been sufficient too!!! I LOVE Sabrina!
    I WILL wait til' they are in the outlets for #2 though!!!
  7. I have three sabrinas all large! but its preferance thing so many people really like the sm/med! I just prefer the lgr!
  8. I have both - some days I need a big bag, some days I need a small bag lol
  9. I have the small sabrina in steel. I think it is pretty much perfect on me actually, it is super cute!!!
  10. :tup:Me too!! I prefer the small/medium just a TINY bit more than the large, but they're both awesome!
  11. I am also five feet tall about about 110 so I know the large would have been too big and I dont carry too much either and the small/medium black sabrina is the perfect size for me and it carries so much.
  12. i have the small and I have more than enough room
  13. The small one fits me better. I don't think it's too small. I tried on the large and it looked too big on me.
  14. Even though I'm small (5'0), the large fits perfectly for my body and for my lifestyle ... because I carry a ridiculous amount of things, it's like I was a nomad in a past life or something lol ;) Either way, Sabrina is gorgeous!!!!!! This is the best bag I've ever had and I don't think I'd change the size 1 bit.
  15. i tried so hard to justify the size of the small sabrina but it just wasn't for me that's why i settled for julianne. no size debate period.