For those that have a Babylone... do you like it?

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  1. Hi ladies!

    I'm thinking of purchasing a Babylone. I'd love to get some opinions.

  2. If you like it chica go for it! can't really go wrong with a classic. It is a nice looking bag, but not my personal style..
  3. Nobody owns a Babylone? I'll take it that I should get a Cabas instead...
  4. i have one, i have one! i looooove it, i like how the straps are much better than on the other LV totes, plus it's more structured. it's holds a surprising amount, great as a school bag when all you need is a notebook and a small book plus your regular purse stuff or something. i also used it as a carryon last time i flew and i fit like 5 magazines and the weekend Wall Street Journal in it plus my regular stuff, no prob.
  5. Wooooo! Thank you, Amanda! Do you mind if I ask a tacky question.... did you buy it used or new? I'm thinking of purchasing one off of Ebay but I'm not sure what a fair price to go for is... there seems to be a pretty wide range at the moment.
  6. i have one and i like it for its versatility. no matter where i use it-- it always looks classy. it's not a trendy bag.... but its classy and you will never go wrong with it. it fits a lot especially if you don't zip it.
  7. you, tacky? never. i bought the bag used from a pf member that bought it from MPRS let-trade. i didn't want to buy new since i knew i'd use it for school and it'd take a beating, and i paid about $400. the bag is in wonderful condition, so to me it was a great deal. i think you should be able to get a real one from a non-MPRS (there aren't a whole bunch of fakes) for about $500 or from a MPRS for 600-700, based on the auctions i've watched.
  8. I got mine at the store in Atlanta, oh, about six weeks ago, and it's a beauty. I love the fact that the straps are a bit longer than usual without them being too long, and the shape makes it stand out from most of the other totes LV makes. It's just gorgeous, not too big, but it will hold a lot. This is one purchase I definitely haven't had any second thoughts about.
  9. Poo poo poo poo. I just lost an auction. BAH!
  10. I love the Babylone. I bid on that bag for months and couldnt win an auction. Then I FINALLY just won one. I have not received the bag but I'm glad the search is over. I love the classic look of it

    I noticed that the bidding goes CRAZY over that bag in the last day. So I think it is still very popular. It HAS to be. Otherwise I wouldnt have kept losing friggin' auctions left and right. :lol:

    Anyway I hope you find one. Definitly buy used. There are lots out there in great conditon.:biggrin:
  11. Iluv, URGH, thanks for the thoughtful PM. Enjoy your Babylone for me. BAAAAAAHHH!
  12. I also love it. I saw a girl with one when I was buying my mezzo 2 weeks ago and it looked beautiful with a nice patina on the straps. It is on my wish list but I probably won't get it for a while.
  13. If it's used as a work bag, can you fit files, a planner, lunch and whatever stuff you need for the day? I have a Longchamp leather tote and I'm amazed at its accordion-like capacity (and spoiled by it, too).