For those that buy LV on ebay...

  1. any of you find yourselves seeing a good deal pop up like a BIN and you scramble around trying to research sold prices, authenticity, seller history...etc and actually feel like you are under some kind of pressure?

    Hubby has been out of town this week and once the kids go down I've been stalking eBay just watching the new Louis Vuitton listings come up and I do this when I see a good deal (or what I think is a good deal..I'm a sucker for a good deal). It's almost like my heart starts beating fast and I open up about 3 more Internet explorer windows trying to research everything as fast as I can as if it's going to be nabbed out from underneath me.

    I'm pretty good at determining authenticity now, but knowing a good price sometimes still gets me.

    Just thought I'd share cause it just happened to me a little while ago ;). I did however find a good one earlier, a frambois vernis wallet where someone did a BIN before i could :sad:

  2. I do that too! Since I have a few LV pieces now I don't want all the good deals anymore. Sure takes the pressure off the bank account! It hurts when I see that deal and I have no business buying it. I still do the research, look through toolhaus, check everything the seller has bought and sold and what her buyers and sellers have bought and sold as well. Check elux, sold auction, current auctions, see if they are being relisted.............. Then I don't buy it.
  3. lol. I'm the same way, except I get that way when I'm doing research for authenticity purposes. :push:
  4. Lol I did this recently with my red/creme CB cles which I got for a STEAL. It was SO cheap I just figured there had to be SOMEthing wrong with it or the seller was shady, etc. I had 3 pics to go from but it looked real and the seller had sold authentic LV before. So I pushed BIN before anyone else got to it and got myself a barely used (with the exception of a couple tiny chipped areas) red/creme CB cles for less than $200.

    The time it DIDN'T work was when I had pressed BIN but was stalling on paying for this rose Inclusion ring. I waited a few seconds too long since I was still researching the seller and bam, someone had gotten to it before me.
  5. LOL...good to hear I'm not the only one. That's the worst! I do all that too sometimes and then say who in the hell am I kidding, I don't have the money for this right now!
  6. A good deal is always hard to pass up. Even if you don't need it. I do this too. I recently purchased a pink/brown cherry blossom pochette brand new for 355.00. I always liked the cb line, but never thought twice about it till the brand new one was listed. Now I have all three colors in pochettes and accesoriess.
  7. Rebecca, that is an amazing deal on a CB cles, congrats! Great eBay stories everyone!
  8. Boy does this sound so much like me! Have stalled too long and then, like you say, it's gone!:crybaby:
  9. oh dear.
    we ar ein the same boat.
    don't tell anyone else.
    well look like freaks....
  10. Im exactly the same, this is what I do....BIN and check authenticity later haha which is a bad thing lol. Usually I have a feeling or can tell when something is authentic but sometimes you just need that 2nd opinion.