For those still looking for a BLACK ALI

  1. There was ONE Black Ali at the Tannersville outlet today. It was in good shape too!
    Also a whiskey Mandy in perfect condition.
  2. do you remember how much these were? TIA :smile:
  3. oooh whiskey mandy!
  4. ^^^^ You are so cute!
  5. I've wanted a whiskey Mandy for awhile now :shame:
  6. I didn't check but you know what, I'll call and ask them and find out.
  7. Ali is gone, but she told me they have a slim flap for $167.99 and the Mandy is 367.99
    and that's the prices already with the 20%off.
  8. what color is the slim flap i wonder...i like mine...heehee
  9. Please don't tell me it's a black slim flap...:sweatdrop: Man if I were back in MD, I'd make that hike. What the heck :lol: